As the Queen, you are complete and fulfilled. Your energy is healing and deeply nurturing. The Queen is confident, self-aware, loving, and fierce when needed. She builds her queendom by teaching others by example. The queen walks her talk, not for others but herself. She honors what she has been through, and wears her past experiences, not as a burden, but as a crown.  The Queen will seek no approval nor does she has the urge to please. To reach her higher goal, she gives an offering of being disliked. To embrace your inner Queen, you must overcome resistance and welcome change. The Queen is waiting for you at the bottom of the cliff. Once you jump, you’ll see a new life forming in front of you.

During your life, you have experienced hurt and created coping mechanisms in your relationships. They were there to protect you from hurt, but are they still serving today? 

The Queen is the Seductress, the Warrior and the mature feminine.

The Queen serves Love. In Tantra this Love is Devotion. A surrender to a higher intelligence, a divine nature, God. Through devotion, love can flow. Your ‘work’ is an offering to the Divine. The heart has the power to transform. Everything going through the heart is purified. In Shakti Tantra you start with transforming darkness like judgments, self-hatred, shame, negativity inside of you, and let your heart expand. Expand, expand until you reach existence beyond the idea of right and wrong. When we ourselves can transform darkness into light we can do the same in the world.

Love can be experienced even when the heart is full of sorrow. When you surrender and courageously accept exactly where you are now, love is the collateral beauty that resides. It isn’t even the emotional pain itself. It is in when you resist the pain, that the pain becomes most painful and sometimes even unbearable. To connect fully to the heart is the radical bravery to face every aspect of yourself. You take full responsibility for being the creator of your reality. In this training, the fourth of the Temple Priestess year training, we will concentrate on the element air, connected to the heart chakra in your body. It connects to openness, fierce love (not the fluffy type), compassion, grace, intelligence and expansion, authenticity, playful, lightness and clarity.

Shakti Tantra teaches us that all polarities in life are complementary. Masculine and feminine, anger and compassion, death and birth, love and fear. There are the same force but just the other side of the coin. The masculine gives from the first chakra, whilst the feminine gives from the heart. We will learn how to work these polarities to create an abundance of loving energy. 

The Queen recognizes resistance as moments of transformation. We work with the energy of the Divine Mother. Sometimes she is Mother Mary, sometimes she is Ma Kali. The Universe urges you to face your hardships so you can shape your own destiny and influence others to go to the next level. You will learn to create a strong connection through empathy with your Inner Child. The Queen and your Inner Child walk hand in hand in your New Paradigm.

– Finding your feminine gift- This training is all about your values, your inner fire, your biggest longing. Your vision. The Warrior Queen wields the sword of discrimination, knows where she is going, has a clear message, has a deep knowing of what is real and what is bullshit. She holds a fierce force of truth. Her superpower is her New Paradigm vision. She is a pioneer. She is there to inspire.

The world is undergoing a shift. From Old Paradigm top-down structures to New Paradigm working from alignment. If you’ve experienced a crisis or burn-out, it can be that you are one of the pioneers that will birth the world into this New Paradigm. You may suffer from old strategies to earn money, and you see no way how to give your gift. It is a common survival strategy to make yourself small: to adapt, to please, to say yes to people we care about or are dependent upon. We are scared to lose them or to be excluded. You may not feel that your strength or truth is appreciated in your environment. You may feel that your masculine qualities are more appreciated than your feminine qualities, and you lack a sense of alignment, sensuality, and effortlessness in your life. We will take a look at how you may have adapted a ‘masculine shield’ that is restricting you from living your juicy, authentic, feminine essence.

Trust your inner leadership. We will work with your representation of fierce truth. With values, belief systems, ways of expression, feelings, needs, and visions for the world. Keeping you awake and aware, burning away that which is keeping you sleepy, dull, and depressed.

Align with your soul’s mission. In this training, you will connect with your deep longing to inspire others with your unique talent. You will work on communicating the both powerful and vulnerable message of your heart to a group. Learn how to use your voice breath, body, and radiance to manifest an abundant life that is fulfilling your life purpose. Often women create and work through a masculine shield, using their willpower and working tremendously hard. Creating from your feminine essence and authentic feminine presence, you can effortlessly create a life aligned with your highest potential. You are a true Warrior Goddess. A fierce force of nature, not to be messed with, and a loving and true inspiration and empowerment to others. Ready to master your life? To shine? To let your message be heard in the world? You are welcome to join Shakti Warrior!

We will work with men every last weekend of every training. The men are attending a similar program (Superior Man – The Warrior).

We will work with ‘practice men’ in the last weekend, to re-wire your system into more love, courage, safety, boundaries and take a step into your new life. The men are attending a similar program (Superior Man ).

June 3,4 & 17,18 11.00-17.00 Amsterdam
& July 1,2- 12.30-18.30 Weesp

Send a mail to marcia (@) school of shakti . org to register, or call marcia at 06 49135246

If you have a smaller budget please let me know, so that we can discuss our options.
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Awakening Shakti, is a Sensual Awakening that brings you the basics of the law of polarity and law of attractions of your feminine sexuality. Shakti as a supporting system in your life. Your primal energy is your sexual energy. If this energy is free, you are free.

Within every woman lives a powerful force. A force of passionate creativity, raw lovemaking and deep wisdom of the womb. A woman connected to her womb easily taps into her uncompromised joy and pleasure. She is free from the opinions of others, free from the submissive roles that are projected upon her by porn and social media. This woman is the most powerful force on the planet, and therefore skilfully oppressed through the structures of society. The wild, free and authentic sensual woman is an endangered species. When there is no space for the feminine to flower open into safe surrender and ecstasy, both the male and female body and spirit will become fatigue, closed and burned-out.

In this training, the first module of the Temple Priestess year training, we will concentrate on the element of Earth, connected to the first chakra in your body. We will work with the body on grounding, confidence, boundaries, trust, feeling safe, sexual desires, realism, fierceness, embodiment, releasing shame and guilt into sensual freedom. We look at the light and your shadow-side.

This training gives you an opportunity to deal with sexual trauma, trauma responses, blockages and insecurities. You will learn to free blocked energy and move it through your body. Releasing fear, insecurity, feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt around sexuality. So you can open up to your birth right of being orgasmic. How to contain this wild and raw sexual energy and take responsibility for this powerful life force. The connection to the wisdom of your beautiful body, womb and yoni is essential. Are you ready to reclaim your right to be a sensual and sexual being?

-one year available
-every week two video’s with hands-on practice
available HERE


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