Marcia Sanders

Marcia Sanders ignites the long forgotten fire in the hearts of women and men who want to unplug from the matrix and step into sovereign freedom. Remembering that you are divinity! Her life is dedicated to waking people up through Fierce Love.

School of Shakti was founded in 2010 by Marcia Sanders, she also founded Art of Loving (2006), Tantric Yoga Sensual Yoga and Tantric Dance. All her trainings are from her Tantric awakenings she experienced and studied in India. Her roots lie in Raja Yoga and Hindu Shakti Tantra. Marcia’s calling is to awaken the feminine force in all men and women. To restore balance and let go of victim-perpetrator dynamics, we need the feminine wisdom to birth a new Earth.

With structural trainings the School of Shakti functions as a supporting community of sisters and brothers for us to step into the feminine,- and masculine force. Pioneering our way into the new paradigm.

Her spirit for change and empowerment began at a young age. Not feeling ‘at home’ with humanity, she was the outsider and lonely as a child. Angry about injustice and lack of love and empathy. Engaging in saving seals from seal hunts when she was a minor, to working with a big NGO to fight for our planet. The path of Raja Yoga unveiled for her in 1999 and she took a deep dive for 6 years in studying. Ajita was her fierce teacher, teaching in an eastern style, in a time when yoga was ‘strange’. Students of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois teached her to teach. Bodywork- she learned in Thailand and combined it with her channeling. Yoga never left her system and brought her to the path of Tantra in 2004. Hariprem and Gitama were her teachers for years, old school Tantra transmitted in an eastern way. Sri Param in India in 2005 initiated her into the Mayavidyas, the 10 wisdom Goddesses. With Kali as the main force. She came to the realization that exactly this energy is what she has been transmitting since birth. It was an unusual home coming.

In 2008 her first child was born, radiant cosmic being who later on struggled with mental health issues, in 2012 her 2nd child was born and later on struggled with autism. After a devastating divorce she felt ill for 7 years, not being able to stand up and function without severe panic attacks. Bodily functions started to break down. Survival mode in loneliness and isolation. The Shakti trainings kept her alive. A deep understanding about trauma and trauma responses where revealed to her.

In 2014 Non Violent Communication helpt her to translate the fierceness of Kali’s energy into ‘human language’.
Connecting her to her feelings and needs is where the inner work began. And realization that she is not here on the planet to serve the matrix and old paradigm, it was making her, and her children sick.
Now deciding to step out of the Old Paradigm of controle and oppression, she is more than ever aligned with her Higher Self. She is a gipsy traveling the world with her children. Serving SHAKTI. And invites you!
Completing the NVC Mediation Training made her help transform couple’s love life into their fullest potential. Kali retreats are the invitation to transform your life into your fullest potential.
Marcia trains facilitators, writes for different magazines, gives talks at seminars.