Authentic Communication

DO YOU WANT TO BE RIGHT? Or do you want to connect.
Do you want to be nice, or be real? And create more depth in your relationships?

This on-line training is for people who long for a raw honest, real way of communicating that empowers everyone involved. Especially for people with empathic skills and take care of everyone else but forget themselves in the process. Learning the language of true connection. This is a Non Violent Communication-based training.

This training is for you if:
-you suffer from always being the nice guy/ the good girl
-you do not know, or not getting your needs met
-you are being ‘too empathetic’ and lose yourself
-you give your authority away
-you please others at your expense
-you are stuck in the victim/perpetrator/savior role
-you fear vulnerability
-you feel not feeling safe with people to be yourself
-you experience that people attack you
-you experience loneliness of not being understood
-you rather have peace than take a stand for what you believe in

How would it be if
* saying ‘no’ connects you deeper with yourself and the other person?
* you could ask for space, support and empathy as a gift to others?
* you take your power back?
* you self connect first- in challenging situations?
* you say yes- when it’s a 100% yes?
* no more concessions – but you include yourself too?

Next Level Course €444,- Monday’s 19.30-21.30 (with an option to stay until 22.00)

April 8 how do deal and express triggers, opinions and judgements
April 15 taking responsibility for feelings -no more projections
Apr 22    taking responsibilities for needs- no more strategies
Apr 29   pure observations versus ‘your stories’ how to create clarity
May 6   how to handle demands and demand energy
May 13   following the rhythm of the intelligence of the body
May 20   dealing with fear, how to ask for support
May 27  radical honesty and how to own your projections/stories
June 3  asking for the moon, shoot for the stars

To apply: mail to MARCIA (@) SCHOOL OF SHAKTI . ORG