Authentic Communication

This on-line training is for people who long for a raw honest, real way of communicating.
Especially if you are already empathic and have difficulties with boundaries.
Learning the language of true connection.
This is a Non Violent Communication-based training.

This training is for you if:
-you suffer from always being the nice guy/ the good girl
-you do not get your needs met
-you are being ‘too empathetic’ and lose yourself
-you give your authority away
-you please others at your expense
-you are stuck in the victim/perpetrator/savior role
-you fear vulnerability
-you feel not feeling safe with people to be yourself
-you experience that people attack you
-you experience loneliness of not being understood
-you rather have peace than take a stand for what you believe in

How would it be if
👌 saying ‘no’ connects you deeper with yourself and the other person?
👌 you could ask for space, support and empathy as a gift to others?
👌 you take your power back?
👌you self connect first- in challenging situations?
👌you say yes- when it’s a 100% yes?
👌 stop making concessions – and take your needs seriously?

Crash Course €198,- Monday’s 19.30-21.30 (option until 21.45)
👄July 1    how do you feel? judgements, projections, feelings and pseudo feelings
👄July 8    what do you need? how to use strategies
👄July 15  how to handle demands
👄July 22  pure observation versus ‘stories’

Indepth Course: Monday’s 19.30-21.30 (option until 21.45)
Sep 16   my feelings, your feelings. how to translate judgements into needs
Sept 23  my needs, your needs. how to get needs met without conflict
Oct 7      strategies how to meet needs and how to handle boundaries
Oct 14    observations versus ‘your stories’ how to create clarity
Oct 28    how to ask for what is important to you
Nov 4     creating clarity in a conversation

To apply: mail to MARCIA (@) SCHOOL OF SHAKTI . ORG

“Through my childhood and adulthood, I have been trapped in my own communication struggles. 🤐
Most of the time I was trying to cope and survive in a world that felt overwhelming and violent. 🥺
From 2010 on I Facilitated women’s (and men’s) groups, I could find myself extremely overwhelmed and anxious.
There is so much passion and love inside of me for ‘the work’ ❤️‍🔥….and still…
..I could find myself in the midst of conflict… 😵
(reminder: this is part of most human experience in society.)

I so deeply want to be in harmonious relationships. 😇


..not seeking drama or conflict, but I sure was part of making it happen….


NOW I have more clarity:
– nervous system. if you are under stress, communication is mostly: to get ‘rid’ of ‘problems’
– drama triangle. You can get stuck in victim, savior, perpetrator.
– respect triangle. There is a way out! into vulnerability, assertiveness and care!

-communicating in feelings and needs and requesting– I have boundaries… (that is a new one)


When there are tensions or conflicts, I now ask myself: what is the other person needing and feeling?🥲 I immediately feel a release of tension and I let go of some of my enemy images.🧌

Authentic Communication is NVC based and a set of practices. Not just talk about how to live with compassion and empathy, it actually teaches how with step-by-step instructions.🤓


About figuring out how we can both have our needs met. Because we all share the same basic human needs, however, our strategies for meeting these needs may differ.


In times of struggle, I focus on needs and feelings, feeling a sense of connection to the person with whom I’m struggling. When I judge, blame or criticize, I am more likely to become disconnected. 🫥
Authentic Communication is about keeping the connection as a means of finding resolution.🥰
An everlasting practise”