School of Shakti is a fierce and loving container for the transmission of Love.
This transcendent power lies dormant in every one of us.

Our favorite playground is the masculine and feminine polarity; an (internal) dance of conscious intimacy.

School of Shakti functions as a supporting community of brothers and sisters.
Inviting you to step into your own feminine-, andĀ masculineĀ force and lead the way into the new paradigm.

School of Shakti awakens the dormant and forgotten feminine and masculine force and wisdom.
Life force, to be alive and to be one with Life.

The empowered feminine and masculine energies needs to reawaken within us and on the planet.
The trainings of School of Shakti contribute to this balance and conscious change out of the slavery and into sovereign freedom.

School of Shakti (former Tantric Yoga School) was founded in 2010 by Marcia Sanders.

Trainings, Retreats, Sessions, Initiations, Transmissions are all part of the ancient Mystery Schools.
This is no neo Tantra or Western School system.
Enter when ready to be transformed into the most empowered human being that you are.
With the foundation of Love.