Empowerment Sessions

Your empowerment lies in your sexual energy. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in your system.
You are born out of it.
It is directly connected to your spirituality.
So you can see this fierce energy as a healing modality.
To canalize this energy in you love life, family life, work life, etc..
will get you closer to your mission, your gifts.

You can no longer be enslaved if you realize this energy by seeing through the addictions, distractions.
You are part of the New Earth, the New Paradigm, pioneering your way to a more healthy way of living in harmony with (our) nature.

My work is to strip you down from conditioning and get you back to your inner strength, your inner core.
You as a sovereign being. Expanding in abundance. Spiritually awakening.
My mission is to let you remember who you really are and why you are here.

Empowerment for men.
Empowerment for women.

*Session 1 hour €89,00 (School of Shakti participants 20% discount)*