For you if you long for a deeper connection with your body.
Especially when you’ve experienced boundaries being crossed.
Also when you experience blockages in your life force and sensual flow.
This loving massage awakens the entire body with energetic touches both soft and firm.
The dedicated attention invites you to get in touch with your Higher self.
Being present with what you feel and experience with the opportunity to release.
The touch will invoke oxytocin and other endorphins so that your level of cortisol and adrenaline will reduce.
A loving presence is a respectful foundation to help you be in a safe place.
So that during this experience you can create space for letting go of control.
This state of presence invites to feel and experience the healing energetic flow of life-energy; Shakti energy.
Working with Shakti energy is deeply therapeutic and will help you to reconnect with the Spirit of Life Force.
This means that you will be better able to overcome emotional and self-esteem issues, which can lay at the root of (sexual) dysfunction.
The energy of the Divine Mother works through me. This is loving, caring, nurturing and spiritual energy.

You will also find that you sleep better and much more deeply, helping your body to restore to authentic presence and relaxation.
It can create confidence both in and out of the bedroom.
It can help you to reconnect with your body, emotions and spirituality.

Warmth guaranteed, by touch, through hot oils and a warmed mattress.

Intro session: 1 hour €110,-
Shakti Massage session: 1,5 hours €185,-
Shakti Massage extra: 2 hours €279,-
(incl 21%VAT-can be decelerated as ‘work expenses’)

4 Transformative Healing Sessions of 1,5 hours: (6 hours): €888,-

If you have a smaller budget, please contact Marcia for options.

Location: Bussum