This module is created for men who work with sexual energy and use it as a healing modality. You are incarnated in this masculine body. Do you feel its energetic potential? This training will enlighten you on the ways of the Tantric Temple Arts. If you have a Masculine Essence and you feel the longing to experience your body as a Sacred Temple of the Divine Masculine, you are right at home in this training.

We live in a time where there is a lot of confusion about sex, love-making and intimacy. We get our education o.a. through porn which can cause addiction and dark problems. Who can initiate us into a healthy, elevated intimate experience? By understanding sexual energy and the polarities of feminine and masculine, we can return to wholeness.

Thus it’s time for the Divine Masculine, the 3rd stage Masculine to return to initiate men and women into the New Paradigm, and out of the old paradigm of collective feminine,- and masculine pain bodies. He initiates into the mysteries of the Masculine body. Into lovemaking as a heightened state of consciousness. His mission is to bring a higher frequency, healing, empowerment and consciousness to this world. His mission is to channel the fierce healing powers of Shiva with a fierce devotion to Shakti and the Goddess.

aIn this training, we will work with the element of ether which connects to the fifth chakra in our energetic system. You will explore your ability to scan the room or environment where you are in and influence the atmosphere with a higher frequency. So you can feel and hear the ‘unspoken’ and therefore translate shadow into light.

Through ancient Tantric practices, you will learn how to open your body to the Divine. Shakti Tantra initiations and transmissions and Sacred Bodywork. You will reconnect with the deep longing that will guide you to surrender and trust. Find your own spiritual, sexual practice. Surrendering to the power of Shiva and Shakti, to life itself, to embracing all aspects of life we become one with the Creation. Through Shakti Tantra we will claim back our connection with sexuality and spirituality.

In this group you are expected to give 100% participation, as it is an ‘advanced’ group. This will keep the dynamic of the group energy high. This means that you are able to look, care and ask for your own needs. In this training, much Kali energy runs through Marcia. That can be fierce sometimes. Know that this is never personal but it’s like a knife cutting away what is obstruction you towards your masculine strength. The world needs men in service of the divine now more than ever. That is what we are going for. Prepare to see yourself in the light of a healer for women and men.

We work with women on the last weekend of the training to re-wire your system into more love, courage, safety, boundaries and take a step into your new life. The women are attending a similar program (Temple Priestess – Tantric Woman). We will be there to serve each other in our process.



Send a mail to marcia (@) school of shakti . org to register, or call marcia at 06 49135246

If you have a smaller budget please let me know, so that we can discuss our options.
Read the terms and conditions and group rules.