Group rules

Codes of Conduct

  • be on time, or 15 minutes earlier. If you are late- inform your buddy
  • be sober, no smoking, drugs or alcohol – also not the day before
  • no porn 30 days before and during a training/retreat
  • respect the sacred space, no cups or tea, socks etc. in the temple space
  • no chit-chat
  • no phones
  • hold each other sharp
  • no fixing, advising or coaching people unless they ask for it
  • show up for the practices. Don’t leave the temple if you are triggered

With regards to your buddy you have a buddy call at least once a week

  • keep it short and functional, set a timer. 10 to 15 minutes
  • one person listens without interrupting, coaching or ‘highjacking’ the experience, just asking questions about feelings and needs
  • share about your experiences and emotions 
  • No fixing each other
  • try to go beyond the storytelling and go what’s underneath
  • you can reflect with:  “did I hear correctly that…”

With regard to the practice with men and women

  • minimal communication. Keep it functional with regards to the practices
  • no exchange of bodily fluids (this includes kisses)
  • you don’t need names or phone numbers
  • don’t look a person up on social media
  • no hugging or saying goodbye at the end of the training-day
  • if you have a partner in the other group; each goes through their own process, the rules still apply on the spot

why you cannot talk to the other sex during the training:

  • We want to keep the mind out of the practices. With talking comes judgements and the possibility to close off in an exercise
  • It is refreshing to open yourself for a practise partner and know that you don’t have to worry about ‘strings attached’
  • The polarity disappears
  • meeting each other in the moment opens your heart
  • You will fall in love, that is the magic of Tantra. For safety reasons we keep to these group rules and codes of conduct,
  • Endorfines and oxytocine will flow and we will keep clear and conscious.
  • Boundaries are nessecary to open up to a sacred space.