Shakti Tantra

The term Shakti defines an aspect of the universe, with numerous nuances, such as kundalini, cosmic creative force, terrible power which destroys all limitations, Goddess who grants boons, feminine force residing in beautiful, radiant, vital and spiritual women. According to the Tantric Scriptures She has innumerable ways of manifesting herself. Shakti is Maya, (illusion) who appears as reality and hides the Absolute Conscious Truth from the ignorant. Shakti represents the force of transformation in the form of Kali.Shakti also called ‘The Goddess’ who encourages us to tread the path of Tantra and realize the real mission of being on the human plane as a woman.

Everything that is movement and energy, earthly life (micro-, and macrocosmic) is in reality the action of Shakti, the Cosmic Mother, who embraces everything and is in the same time beyond.In the tantric cosmology, the whole universe (the macrocosm) is considered to have emerged and to be permanently sustained by two forces, opposed in term of polarity: Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine). Shakti, in a Tantric perspective, cannot be confined in a structure. She is all the elements, earth, water, fire, air without ascertaining the identity of any.