School of Shakti terms & conditions 2022   

School of Shakti’s facilitator and/or (guest) teacher: A person or legal entity who offers Shakti sessions and/or training as a professional, or is professionally inspired by a tantra tradition or body of thought.

Participant: A person who, for payment, uses, or wishes to use, the services of School of Shakti. 

  • The participant takes personal responsibility for his/her own mental-, physical- and emotional health. Please inform School of Shakti’s facilitator prior to the training/retreat/event about challenges in these areas, and/or use of medication etc.  
  • If the participant decides to leave the training earlier, there is no refund policy
  • In case of damage to the facility or objects in the facility done by the participant, the participant will pay the costs.
  • If there is a complaint: 1. mail to 2. School of Shakti will reply within 1 week 3. Dialogue about feelings and needs will start and we develop a strategy on how to meet them. 4. In case we cannot settle, a third mediation party will be included. 
  • During the training/retreat/event the participants agree to remain focused and let the transformation happen: please turn off your telephone & refrain from using any kind of drugs starting at least 5 days before the training/retreat/event as well as drinking alcohol the day before or during the training/retreat/event. It is also highly advisable to not consume/use these kinds of substances right after the training/retreat/event. 
  • All meditations, practices, conversations, dialogue etc within the training/retreat/event are secret and will not be discussed outside the group. Also the participants & practice partners identities will remain secret and shall not be looked upon on social media or any other way. 
  • During the training/retreat/event there will be no exchange of bodily fluids and no sexual acts. School of Shakti participants always have the option of joining an activity or interaction or not. A Participant is never required to participate and will not be coerced into doing so in any way.
  • Men will keep silent to the women, women will keep silent to the men.