Enter the Temple of the Goddess


Queen of Love

20 april 2021
11:00 - 17:00

Queen of Love, air 2021: January 9,10/ January 23,24/ Februari 20,21
11.00-17.00 uur, Amsterdam
Vroegboekkorting €500,- voor 1 november en erna €666,-

I love the Queen and try not to judge myself when I cannot feel her and fall into a sob-story. I see now that there are 2 parallel worlds. The wounded child and Queen can live hand in hand. Very delicate! And that is what I want to dive in with all of you! Your vulnerability as strength, your values as a guardian of your boundaries, and your heart as a catalyst to transform all dark to light!
It is the air-element in the Full Bloom training so, gelukkig, we can also use humor and a good laugh at ourselves to see things more lightly. Not to take life too serious and see it as a play of the Divine.