Polarity Play

Woman: If you have a Feminine Essence and you feel the longing to experience your body as a
Sacred temple of the Divine Feminine, you are at home in this training. Do you have a longing to share your wild passionate energy with your man and raise your frequenties?

Man: if you have a Masculine Essence with a longing to live a life of purpose, integrity, authenticity, and freedom you are at home too. You will learn how to contain, enjoy, lavish from the uncontrollable Shakti Energy in a woman.

What is your deepest longing in your intimate life?

Alone or with a parter: a unique chance to play between the Feminine and Masculine Polarities. We will discover about the 3 stages in Masculine and Feminine, dark and light side. Learn how to tap into these stages for the benefit of connecting and honoring the differences. Making a real connection in intimacy without the layers of shame or social conditionings.

We will look at (protective) masculine and feminine shields that may distort your relationship and withhold you from your true purpose and longing. You will both learn practices on how to hold space(Masculine) and let Shakti Energy (Feminine) flow through you for the purpose of love, healing and spiritual connection. You are incarnated in this masculine and feminine body. Do you feel it’s energetic potential?

In this training men and women will practice Shakti Tantra as an art form. It is time to awaken your magnetic power, allowing vulnerability, authenticity, grounding, owning your sensuality and to see it as a powerful healing source of life energy.

There will be mediations, practices, and learning about polarities in the Tantric Dance, a Polarity Play. During these afternoons there will be no verbal contact between men and women and no contact outside of the practice (no chit-chat). All practices will be held Sacred. You have the choice to only work with your partner or if you want to open this afternoon for other meetings.

We live in a time where there is a lot of confusion on love making and intimacy. We get our education on love-making though the adult section on the internet. A lot of addiction and problems can occur. It is time for an inner awakening and understanding of Feminine- and Masculine way of intimacy. By understanding the polarities this can be restored.

We will do so in the dance of polarity. There is no need for dance experience, the practice is about leadership and surrendering with the undercurrent of a deep longing to meet each other in our true essence.

If this is topic completely new for you,
-you might want to google David Deida.
-This is also a fun page from Tony Robbins who provides some clarification on the terminology we are going to use.
One moreĀ video