Online Sessions

Marcia is available for online coaching sessions for men, women and couples, regarding the topic of intimacy.

If you want to maintain harmony within the relationship and you use consession as a strategy- this could destroy your authenticity, your longing and needs. Maybe you trigger each other in a way that has nothing to do with your beloved, but is a remain of a trauma.

Polarity and attraction:
Without being aware of it, you could carry a shield to protect you from hurt. This shield also blocks the love from flowing free.
-A man with a feminine shield is often imprisoned in Mr Nice Guy and pleases his way into his love life. Leaving him unfulfilled.
-A woman can carry a masculine shield and cannot let go of control, even if it wears her out.

The body and intimacy:
You feel the potential of your sexual powers. But are afraid to really surrender to this force. Or maybe you are burnt out, and you feel nothing at all.

Communication and trauma:
Out of the Drama Triangle (perpetrator-victim-saviour)and into the Respect Triangle (vulnerability-care-assertiveness).
Into Self Connection and speaking your feelings and needs. Non Violent Communication that connects you deeper.

Tantra: is not just sex, it is an art form of Lovemaking, that combines these aspects above and beyond. It is a state where love making is not just an act. Love making is a state of being.

*Session 1 hour €89,00 (School of Shakti participants 20% discount)*

“..and for my partner, I am in awe and in love with him more than ever. I could see his pain, his strength, I could finally disarm and let him be the anchor for me.

I am so grateful with his devotion to us, with his desire to grow, and his presence in my life. I also saw myself and the way I judge him (the masculine) and the distrust I used to have. But no more of that from now on.”
“I could finally understand what sexual healing can do. It is not only about having a better love life, but it is really about claiming life and serving love.”
“I am so grateful for all the lessons that I am learning and grateful for whatever brought me to your work. I have such deep gratitude, respect, love, humbleness, and inspiration for you and the way you fulfill your purpose in life. I have never felt someone with such pure intentions before, which allows me to trust 100%. Thank you, Marcia! Thank you for the magic you bring on this planet!”