When I first met Marcia, I found myself in one of the darkest places in my life.
I was burnt out and didn’t even know it, my relationship was falling apart, my body was falling apart with huge anxiety over days and weeks that rarely gave me a break,
I felt unsafe everywhere even inside of myself. I was in survival mode, and I was using the little resources I had left to “keep it together”.
To keep together an education I hated, my relationships, my life.
I remember that I stepped into the School of Shakti training totally disconnected from my body or my intuitive intelligence.
I was really “the independent woman” that did not trust anyone, all brains no body, and the colors of my life were faded.
But there was a voice inside of me screaming at me “THIS IS NOT IT!! There is so much more!” And I decided to follow this voice.

Yesterday I was in the training again, after almost 2 years of working with Marcia.
WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! Two years ago I stepped in desperate to fix myself, yesterday I walked in with love for myself just as I am.
Two years ago I almost have a panic attack when men came into the training, yesterday I met a man and felt total love and trust.
Marcia showed me the path to self-love.
She gently guided me to find out that all the pain, the suffering, the unworthy parts, the self-hatred,
the anxiety, the rage are parts of me that want to be heard.
That they have important messages for me, and that they are actually there to unravel important information and even important gifts of my soul.The moment I stopped fighting life, but instead danced with it, my experience of life changed.
I found that the dark parts that nobody wanted to see (including myself) are actually a little child that has been hurt, and that going there does not have to bring suffering.

Marcia gave space, love, and compassion for this little child to show herself and slowly heal from the damage she endured.
Through Marcia’s work I found that going to the dark places can be so beautiful,
that there are so many gems hidden there, so much light can emerge from those places.
It doesn’t have to be unbearable. The more you explore those parts of yourself the more you expand into pleasure and ecstasy, you can’t have one without the other.

It is not an easy work to go there, but if you are committed to your journey Marcia is 1000% committed to you and your transformation.

So after almost two years of doing this work: I feel free and connected to my body, I am more liberated than ever in my sexuality, my relationship & chemistry with my man is amazing and still improving day by day, I switched from an engineering career to fulfilling my soul’s purpose,
I feel resourced and safe, I feel pleasure and expansion and playful,
I gained compassion for the world around me, and I just love life more and more every day.
Marcia, I am forever grateful to you and your work, and I so wish for everyone who needs your work to see this.Are you reading this and can recognize yourself in my story? I hope this read is the push you need to start doing this work and start receiving life inside of your being!