Warrior King

The energy of the King is healing and deep.
The Warrior King is confident, self-aware, can zoom-out,
sets direction, knows responsibility, is a strong leader and fierce when needed.
He builds his kingdom by teaching others by example.
Using his commanding energy, the King walks his talk.
He honors his traumatic past, and wears it, not as a burden, but as his crown.
He is no savior, nor a victim or perpetrator.
The King will seek no approval nor does he has the urge to please.
He initiates young men and women to their highest potential.
To reach his highest goal, he sacrifices being liked.

The world is undergoing a shift. From Old Paradigm top-down structures to New Paradigm working from alignment.
If you’ve suffered a burn-out, you could be one of the pioneers who will birth this New Paradigm.
You may suffer from old strategies to earn money. Suffered from the ‘immature’ and ‘wounded feminine’ in your life.
depending on survival strategies; making yourself small: adapting, compromising, pleasing?
You may feel that your feminine qualities are more appreciated than your masculine qualities.
We will take a look at how you may have adapted a ‘feminine shield’ that is restricting you from living your authentic life and masculine essence.

To embrace your inner King, you must overcome resistance of letting go of the old, and welcome change.
The King is waiting for you at the bottom of the cliff.
Once you jump, you’ll see a new life forming in front of you.

We connect with the element of fire and air.
Passion, transparency, exposure, ownership, discernment, penetrative force,
expansion, lingam presence, clarity, and fierce love (not the fluffy type).
The King lies dormant in your heart with the power to transform.
When we ourselves can transform darkness into light we can do the same in the world.

The King and your Inner Child walk hand in hand in your New Paradigm.
You’re inner boy holds a fierce force of truth and he is the key towards your King.
His superpower is his New Paradigm vision. He is a pioneer. He is there to inspire.

Discover the 3rd stage Masculine.
It lays out a challenge before men to fulfill their authentic masculine essence.
Sexual energy is your primal force and a healing modality.
Our playground is polarity and sexuality. The masculine- and a feminine pole.
The dynamic of polarity is necessary for sexual tension, passion and excitement.
We will take these polarizing practices to the next level and play with it is as an art form.

We work with the commanding masculine energy. Your VALUE system.
Facing your hardships so you can shape your own destiny and influence others to go to the next level.

This training is all about your values, your inner fire, your biggest longing. Your purpose, your vision. Your masculine gifts.
The Warrior wields the sword of discernment, knows where he is going, has a clear message, has a deep knowing of what is real and what is fake. Holds the sword of truth. His superpower is his New Paradigm vision.
Align with your soul’s mission. Creating from your masculine essence and authentic masculine presence, you can create a life aligned with your highest potential.

We will work with ‘practice women’ to re-wire your system into more love, courage, safety, boundaries and take a step into your new life. The women are attending a similar program. We will be there to serve each other in our process.

March 30-31 Studio Zena, Amsterdam 11.00-17.00
April 28 Studio Zena, Amsterdam 11.00-17.00
May 4-5 together with the women in Weesp 12.30-18.30


Send a mail to marcia (@) school of shakti . org to register, or call marcia at 06 49135246
If you have a smaller budget please let me know, so that we can discuss our options.
Please read the terms and conditions and group rules before applying.