Men/Women Facilitator training

The Penetrative Force
-Men Group Facilitator Training:

-🔥Rebel Alliance-Light Warriors🔥-
The Feminine Force
-Women Group Facilitator Training:
-❤️‍🔥Rebel Alliance-Priestesses❤️‍🔥-

In this training you will be guided by Marcia Sanders, founder of School of Shakti. Not only will you receive her practical tools, but also the wisdom she gained throughout her life by learning with Tantric Masters and working over 15 years with women and men, in groups and counseling settings.

If you feel an urgency to bring about change to humanity, if you see we are not free as a human species, if you feel our primal energy is the way to expansion and liberation and you have a big love for the masculine and the feminine: welcome- you are at home.
The world is in need of the new paradigm leadership to make a change into the new earth.
Time for action, exposing the disfunction that creates suffering and lead the world into sovereignty.

You will learn how to use the sword of truth, as well as tools that embrace feelings and needs. Tools how to deal with trauma-responses. Trust and empowerment.

“But who am I to change this?” you might ask. You are becoming. When you devote yourself to your Higher Self and your mission is aligned with your unique gifts, you connect to your participants-soul, you are a channel, you speak freely from this place. We do this together as a tribe.

I commit to unfolding this wisdom in you that is connected to universal truth. So it can anchor in your system and you are ready to spread ‘the work‘. Not as a teacher- this structure is based on the mind and ‘dead wisdom’- but as an inspirator. You will learn how to work with the aliveness of the moment. All that you have embodied during the School of Shakti trainings, you can now pass on to future generations. It will be a seed to plant for a more compassionate, loving, free, sovereign and empowered humanity.

It is my honor and my mission in this life, to bring out in you the best -facilitator and bringer of light -that you can be.

The list of topics:
-the Polyvagal theory. You need to know when a participant is in a fight, flight, freeze or cooperation mode and how to get them back into their body
-Non Violent Communication is the best way to really connect to your participants from a place of authenticity and go to the essence of what is relevant.
– Creating and holding a Sacred Space
– How to ‘channel’ the group and how to elevate the energy
– How to keep the frequency high when dealing with resistance
– How to hold your own triggers and trauma
– How to move in the New Paradigm way of working
-the 3 stages of Feminine and Masculine, dark and light
-the pain body – how to work with that
– walking the talk
– igniting the wisdom of the body
– learning through the body to rewire
– Learning about Shiva Presence and how to use polarity yourself
– rewiring the brain techniques
– replacing old programs with new healthy ones
– working with boundaries, when to stop or proceed en push through
– how to build trust
– Groups dynamics
– How to create safety with structure and boundaries
– Timekeeping & equality
– Set the right energy, creating depth
– Keeping space for intimacy
– Dealing with emotional processing
– How to move from the ‘story’ to the essence
– Effortless authentic leadership
– Difference between ‘teacher’ ‘facilitator’ ‘inspirer’
– Dealing with tension
– Rituals and Magic
– How to be inspirational by being authentic in vulnerability
– Commitment and secrecy
– How to use movement and breath
– How to use your voice, speaking from different chakra’s
– Marketing & PR on how to attract participants

MAX 7 women facilitating women
MAX 7 men
 facilitating men

TOGETHER: LIVE-Weekend in Zena: August 27 10.00-18.00 and Sept 2&3  other location

MEN: 1st Sunday of the Month LIVE in Zena Amsterdam
10.00-17.30 (men participants 11.00-16.30)
Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 3, Jan 7, Feb 4, March 3, April 7

MEN: Wednesdays 18.30-21.15 Theory via ZOOM 
Sept 20, 27, (together) Oct 11, Nov 1, Nov 29, Jan 3, Jan 31, Feb 28, April 3

MEN AND WOMEN: Wednesdays 18.30-21.15 Authentic Communication training via ZOOM
Oct 18    how do deal with triggers, opinions and judgements
Oct 25    taking responsibility for feelings -no more projections
Nov 15    taking responsibilities for your needs- no more neediness
Jan 17    pure observations versus ‘your stories’ how to create clarity
Jan 24    asking for the moon and law of attraction
Feb 14.   following the rhythm of the intelligence of the body
Feb 21    vulnerability and honesty- how to be real
Mrch 13  radical honesty and how to own your projections/stories
Mrch 20  how to handle demands and demand energy

WOMEN: 2nd Sunday of the Month LIVE in Zena Amsterdam
10.00-17.30 (women participants 11.00-16.30)
Oct 8, Nov 12, Dec 10, Jan 14, Feb 11, March 10, April 14

WOMEN: Wednesdays 18.30-21.15 Theory via ZOOM 
Sept 20, 27, (together) Oct 4, Nov 8, Dec 6, Jan 10, Feb 7, March 6, April 10

The process:
Sunday’s : invite people to your group to practice Facilitating. You can ask them €40,-. Max 16 participants (incl facilitators). They can participate from 11.00-16.30.
-10.00-11.00 set intention and practices and ignite your life force
-11.00-13.30 one facilitator starts/leads the group
-13.30-14.00 lunch (one person responsible)
-14.00-16.30 another facilitator leads/ends the group
-16.30-17.30 debriefing and feedback via the Circle of Power/ tips&tops

*There is possibility for women to be practice women for the men and visa versa*


-The Sundays will be recorded and reviewed by Marcia for personal feedback. The feedback will be given through voice app in the app group.

Marcia is available via app and voice app throughout the training.

MEN: wild men, warrior, king, supreme lover, etc etc your input please
WOMEN: wild woman, fierce priestess, queen, sensual shakti etc etc your input please

This training is through a monthly subscription of €333,- per month. Payment will be made at the 25th of every month starting august 25-2023. The last payment being on March 25-2024. You receive €40,- from your participants on Sunday. Send Marcia a screenshot of your automatic payment. The optional trainings are not included. MAX 7 women and 
MAX 7 men

You receive:
-Marcia’s full devotion to your process of aligning with your Higher Self
-NVC : 9 modules
-Live in Zena: 7 days
-Theory: 9 modules
-reviews/feedback of your work
-availability via (voice-app)
-guide lines
 – hands on manual
-venue (Zena)
– 7 month under the wings of School of Shakti

OPTIONAL and recommended (not included):
Kajabi online trainings about the Basics
-Sept 21-24 LIVE Kali Retreat, Tulum Mexico
-Oct 1st-Nov 26 LIVE & ONLINE Tantra Facilitator Training
-Dec 9-14 LIVE Kali Retreat
, Tulum Mexico

-2024 May 9-12 LIVE Kali Retreat, Orvelte, Holland


Homework assignments, buddy call every week, being responsible for your fire and aliveness. Owning your shadow-side, knowing your trauma triggers, quitting addictions, involve your highest purpose, having NVC skills.

How to apply:
there is a maximum of participants-so not everyone can join.
Write to Marcia with your motivation.



Only for School of Shakti students.

marcia (@) school of shakti . org 



Please read the terms and conditions and group rules.