Facilitator training

In this training you will be trained by Marcia Sanders, founder of School of Shakti. Not only will you receive her practical tools, but also the wisdom she gained throughout her life by working over 15 years with women and men, in groups and counseling settings.

When you devote yourself to your higher Self and your mission is aligned with your unique gifts, you connect to your participants, you are a channel, you speak freely from this place.

Marcia will offer methods that help to empower and inspire each other. You will learn how to use the sword of truth, as well as tools that embrace feelings and needs. The tools how to deal with trauma-responses and to create trust and safety.

This training is for people who want to facilitate men groups, women groups or mixed.

We see that in the world the old-paradigm is crumbling. People in power are mosty concerned with staying in position, earning money and status. This is putting the planet and it’s inhabitants in a place of poverty.
Maybe you can feel the injustice as a pain, deep inside somewhere.
“But who am I to change this?” you might ask.
The world is in need of the new paradigm leadership to make a change into the new earth.
Time for action, exposing the disfunction in our mindsets that creates suffering and lead the world into a new mind-set.

You are a pioneer, the one who leads the way. Not by talking but by doing. Love, compassion and fierce action is needed, based on the ancient wisdom that is inside of you. That your body holds. I will commit to unfolding this knowledge within you. That is connected to universal truth. So it can anchor in your system and you are ready to spread the work.
We can bring more empathy toward each other by understanding the dynamics between masculine and feminine, between the dark and the light.

You are not a teacher- this structure is based on the mind and ‘dead wisdom’, you will learn how to work with the aliveness of the moment by connecting to universal love when you engage with your participants.

Here you will learn how to be a safe and inspiring platform for men and women. You will learn how to facilitate and to connect. All that you have learned during the School of Shakti trainings, you can now pass on to future generations. It will be a seed to plant for a more compassionate and loving planet.

We are infinite beings and the light of wisdom wants to shine through. It is my honor to bring out in you the best facilitator and bringer of light that you can be. Are you ready?

We will invite the experts and professionals on crucial teachings about:
the Polyvagal theory . You need to know when a participant is in a fight, flight, freeze or cooperation mode and how to get them back into their body
NVC Non Violent Communication is the best way to really connect to your participants from a place of authenticity and go to the essence of what is relevant.
-the process of consent

Topics of this training will be:

– Creating and holding a Sacred space
– How to ‘channel’ the group and how to elevate the energy
– How to keep the frequency high
– How to move in the New Paradigm
-the 3 stages of Feminine and Masculine, dark and light
-the pain body and learning how to work with that
– walking the talk
– igniting the wisdom of the body
– learning through the body
– Learning about Shiva Presence
– rewiring the brain
– replacing old programs with new healthy ones
– working with boundaries, when to stop or proceed
– how to build trust
– Groups dynamics
– How to create safety with structure and boundaries
– Timekeeping & equality
– Speaking from different chakra’s
– Set the right energy, creating depth
– Keeping space for intimacy
– Dealing with emotional processing
– How to move from the ‘story’ to feelings, needs, requests
– Effortless authentic leadership
– Difference between ‘teacher’ ‘facilitator’ ‘inspirer’
– Dealing with tension, pain bodies and resistance
– Rituals and Magic
– How to be inspirational by being authentic in vulnerability
– Commitment and secrecy
– How to use movement and breath
– How to use your voice
– Marketing & PR on how to attract participants

DATES: Facilitator Training
Max 12 participants
Nov 12, 13- Nov 26, 27- Dec 17, 18 From 11.00-17.00 hours.
Amsterdam, Studio Zena, Borneokade 68, Amsterdam
Investment €1222,-

2023: Oct 21,22 & Nov 18 & 19, Dec 2,3 & Dec 16 & 17

Send a mail to marcia (@) school of shakti . org to register, or call marcia at 06 49135246

If you have a smaller budget please let me know, so that we can discuss our options.
Read the terms and conditions and group rules.