I don’t know where to begin in sharing my feelings. Monday I was so overwhelmed when I held space for 12 men who went into a process of reclaiming their place of power. Yes, I mean the ‘lingam’ the masculine organ that needs to be, somehow, re appreciated by men (and women).
We did a guided meditation where I brought the men into a space where they felt super happy and empowered when they were young and discovered their place of power, the lingam. The wonder, the playfulness, the excitement. At a very young age you connect very naturally to your genitals and there the journey begins into awakening the sexual powers (and hopefully it can grow naturally without influenced by porn etc). It was so beautiful to feel this energy fill the room. SO VIBRANT-So healing!
Then I brought them into a place where they first met with rejection. For most men there comes a time when their lingam is being rejected. It is ‘too much’, it is’ inappropriate, it’s dirty, it’s shameful, it’s violent, etc. This can happen at a very young age and this judgment comes often from people we love. The body remembers this and it is often a point for a man to decide: okay, my place of power, my masculinity is not welcome, it is considered shameful/aggressive etc. so I decide to dim my light (and put on a feminine shield)
It is so painful to witness this pain. THe energy in the room was so intens, my whole belly reacted to it. I brought them deeper in to their feelings and needs. The men in the room started to shake and roar like lions, as an attempt to reclaim and reconnect to this power. I could guide the energies that were stuck and free most of the pressure.. but boy.. there is SO MUCH healing still to do on this topic!
It touched me so deeply, I now worship the lingam but when I was younger I too, have rejected the lingam, was afraid of the lingam and intimidated by it. Because I did not know it’s powers and foremost it”s HEALING powers.
Always in my women and men trainings I bring back the ancient knowledge that the lingam is a sword of light, a giver of pure life force energy. It takes going back to a place of innocence to see it like that. Transfiguration.
For all the men out there, worship your place of power. Don;’t just use it ‘functionally’ or practically, but reconnect to it’s special powers. You carry this beautiful Shiva energy in it. And it is time to bring this power back to serve humanity.