Marcia SandersFounder: Marcia Sanders

Marcia Sanders ignites the long forgotten fire in the hearts of women and men who want to unplug from the matrix and step into sovereign freedom. Remembering that you are divinity! Her life is dedicated to waking people up through the return of the Divine Feminine force that is Shakti.

Priestess: Annemoon van Noorden
: Cosmic Love sessions and Systemic Work
At a young age, Annemoon was confronted with the abuse of power around sexuality. She was able to find her way back to a healthy way of experiencing sexuality and manifested a solid foundation for her life. It is a great inspiration for her work now. She works systemically and multi-dimensional, all layers of being are allowed: the visible and the invisible. Rock my Moon. She is also a Cosmic Lover


Isabelle Froese, Tantra facilitator

Isabelle FroeseSpecializes in Men’s empowerment to reclaim their strength while staying aligned with their heart & vision. ¬†She will gift you with a deep understanding & empathy, clarity & loving forcefulness, ancient Tantric wisdom, focus & concentration practices, discipline & playfulness, shadow confrontation, a deep devotion to polarities, and non-negotiable truth. Offering ancient Kali meditational practices. Isabel is an incarnated Dakini and home in the Temple Arts.