Marcia SandersFounder and facilitator: Marcia Sanders

Marcia Sanders ignites the long-forgotten fire in the hearts of women and men who want to step into the new paradigm of conscious relationships. The duality (Maya)we live in is a space of polarity between masculine and feminine. This is her favorite playground where the magic happens. Her dream is that we all discover our feminine or masculine essence and play with polarities between man and women, creating both an arch full of life force and deep respect for the differences. School of Shakti was founded in 2010 by Marcia Sanders, she also founded Art of Loving and Tantric Dance. All her trainings are from her Tantric awakenings she experienced and studied in India. Her roots lie in Raja Yoga and Hindu Shakti Tantra.

School of Shakti co-trainer &Priestess: Annemoon van Noorden: Cosmic Love sessions and Systemic Work

Annemoon van NoordenAt a young age, Annemoon was confronted with the abuse of power around sexuality, and how this then manifests as an unstable foundation throughout the rest of your life. She was able to find her way back to a healthy way of experiencing sexuality and manifested a solid foundation for her life. It is a great inspiration for her work now, with core themes like restoring and honoring your authentic sexual experience, recovering desire(s) and life energy, and learning to feel, honor and live by your boundaries again. She works systemically and multi-dimensional, all layers of being are allowed: the visible and the invisible. Annemoon is a systemic worker for School of Shakti, where she sets up family members and obstacles for participants to gain more insight into persistent patterns. She also hosts her own constellation days and workshops with Rock my Moon. She is also a Cosmic Lover

Priestess: Sunny (Sandra) Hipeli, co-trainer, Sacred Prostitute & Shakti Yoga teacher

Sunny (Sandra) HipeliIn 2017 was de tijd rijp om door te dringen tot haar diepste trauma en verwondingen. De relatie met haar ‘feminine self’ was verstoord geraakt door trauma, en dit ging ze aan tijdens de trainingen bij School of Shakti. Sunny leerde hier de kunst van de helende kracht, door het aankijken, integreren en transformeren van trauma en schaduwkanten. Het overwinnen van de slachtoffer rol inspireerde Sunny om de kracht van vrouwenwerk te gaan delen via haar trainingen. Inmiddels geeft Sunny, naast haar regulier yoga aanbod, Shakti yoga bij School of Shakti en in haar woonplaats Arnhem Sunnyoga. She is at home in Temple Practises.

Priestess: Isabelle Froese, co trainer, Temple Healer, tantra facilitator

Isabelle FroeseSpecializes in Men’s empowerment to reclaim their strength while staying aligned with their heart & vision.  She will gift you with a deep understanding & empathy, clarity & loving forcefulness, ancient Tantric wisdom, focus & concentration practices, discipline & playfulness, shadow confrontation, a deep devotion to polarities, and non-negotiable truth. Offering ancient Kali meditational practices. Isabel is an incarnated Dakini and home in the Temple Arts.