Mystical Priestess Weekend healing for men

Why do we need the return of the Priestess?

Do you feel a deep pull towards feminine mysticism? To the mysteries of your unique feminine essence and intuition? Do you want to uncover your gifts? And use them for the healing of masculine and feminine wounding? To return to our original, harmonious blueprint as men and women?
As we remember our sacredness, we take responsibility for our powerful energies. We use them in service of love, grace and our highest values.

This is a path of deep healing, transformation and empowerment. We don’t shy away from our shadows – we transform and alchemize the unconscious within us. For our own liberation and the liberation of others! Our authentic feminine expression is needed more than ever on the planet right now. We invite you to dance, sing, awaken and play with your fullest Shakti expression!

The first day will focus on building our connection to our unique Priestess expression, opening our channels and expanding our gifts. The second day will allow us to work with the Wounded Masculine – within ourselves and without. How do we feel into him, his pain and trauma? What energy do we use with him to open him to love and let healing energy in? We will use our gifts in service of healing, love and expansion.

July 13 Saturday 11.00-17.00: WOMEN: spiritual protection practices, working with your light, recognizing the dark. Grounding, elemental ceremony, embodiment and awakening your life force. Setting the space with our Shakti energy – creating living altars and honouring the sacredness of your being.

July 14 Sunday 11.00-17.00: MEN ARE WELCOME. Setting the space for a Healing Heart Temple. Channelling for each-other, expand your gifts. Creating a sacred temple space where Men are invited to experience our love and devotion.

Location: Zena. Borneokade 68, Amsterdam

For Women: €333,-
For Men Temple Experience: €150,-

– wear comfy, sensual, uplifting clothing
– bring journal, water bottle
– Bring priestess tools/ things for the altar

There is space for 10 women & 6 men.

Jessica, Marima and Amber are trained by School of Shakti. They developed deeper what was already their gift. Giving transmissions of ancient Shakti Tantra. The energy of the Divine Mother is a natural energy they embody.

Mail : marcia@ school of shakti. org  to register