The return of the the Temple Healers & the Sacred Prostitute.

She channels the Goddess, the Divine Feminine. She hosts Sacred Ceremonies in a Temple of Love.
She wants to be known, she wants to come out of the dark holes of confusion and perversion and return into the Sacred Light.

She is here today and she will not be found on the World Wide Web. Her work is Sacred and Secret and only can she channel the sensual healing powers of the Goddess when she finds a man in need of this energy. She will never reveal her true identity for she a servant of the Divine and therefor in service of humanity.

The Sacred Prostitute emerges Shakti Energy to open the masculine to the potency of penetrating the divine, and the feminine to surrender to it. The mystery of sacred union beyond personal love or attachment. She heals the wounds of the masculine cut off from the feminine.

The Masculine Warrior, in order to kill, has cut himself off from his interior feminine, and thereby a part of his soul.
In war, the body is an obstacle. Having to combat the body’s self-preservative instinct to flee violence, witnessing the horrors inflicted on the body – all require dissociating from the body.
Afterward, having lost his connection to the body, his soul and to the Divine, nothing responds to him. He is like a ghost. He experiences no fellowship, he is absent.

With her Sacred Rites, the Tempel Healer unites his soul back to the body and the Divine. Back to vulnerability, back to life, back to Love. The Sacred Prostitute brings back in women the ancient longing of being at service to the Goddess. Can you feel her calling?