oh, how I love the Masculine, I love it within myself. I love it in women, I love it in men.

Today’s yoga practice was with a (little too gorgeous) ‘Shiva’ yoga teacher. He emphasized a lot on resistance, a very serving subject I use in my trainings as well. Resistance is such a royal giver of information on where you are at and what can be transformed.

The practise today was on looking where is your resistance during the yoga asana’s. Is it in your body or your mind. And do you give into it, resist resistance, flee from your body, wait until its over, let the ego force yourself into it, or….. or what..?

Because resistance is my old friend, I now recognize him (him? yes it is a him) more easily in myself and in others. So the practise for me was a bit old and I could not detect my old friend anymore this morning during class.

THe word ‘resistance’ was used maybe over 20 times and I saw him doing his Shiva practise. At first I thought he was going into the direction of the ‘third stage masculine’ and there was a spiritual ego saying what is right and wrong.. but then I felt closer into him, into his heart and recognized the masculine practise. The Shiva practise.

So beautiful this masculine practise of resistance, of challenge, of alertness, of stillness. I SO love it.
BUT: it did not resonate. So I went to the polar opposite. I went totally into my Shakti, into my feminine and I did the practise of ALLOWANCE. The more used the word ‘resistance’ the more I felt the word ‘allowing’. It was beautiful to play with the polarities.

Some of the postures were very challenging for my mind (and body) I could feel fatigue taking over, overwhelming thoughts of not being able to hold it, worry about my kneecaps etc. AND I breathed through it, allowing my body to experience the fatigue, just to let it come through, the fear, the overwhelmed ness. I felt my whole system going into such a deel relaxation.

It also felt new and a bit scary. Because my old friend (resistance) was not with me – I could not hold on to him anymore and my ‘stories’.

I love the masculine AND feminine practices, the one is not better than the other. They have such opening qualities, it’s the play (Maya) of duality that gives us all the colors of the rainbow. If you find out your sexual essence, is it feminine of masculine?- you can struggle les and play more.

We play with it in the next course Sensual Awakening.