Tantric Wild Tribe, Polarity Play

Explore and celebrate:
-the Masculine Force in the men, the capacity to hold-, and BE presence. The magic of the energetic lingam and the penetration force, holding ground, inner-leadership.
-the authentic wild nature of the Feminine Force in the women. The orgasmicness, receptiveness, aliveness, energy and sensitivity.

Playing with polarities, understanding that this is the same coin-just different sides. Freeing these powerful feminine and masculine energies between men and women is a magnetic force of sexual energy that is a healing modality. Surrendering to the cosmic energies of polar opposite attraction and unconditionally love is the realm of Tantra.

Ingredients for this day:
-men and women will sometimes be seperated to connect to their own tribe
-aliveness and fire
-take time to tap into our personal boundaries and learn the codes how to express them
-tap into the body and activate our chacra system
-polarise the feminine and masculine energies through dance
-tantric practices, activating our plus and minus pole

The afternoon will be hosted by Marcia and her Tribe

2023 July 8 -Odessa Amsterdam, 12.00-17.00 €49,- book tickets at Odessa.

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