Tantric Dance: Polarity Play

Tantric Dance retreat; Polarity Play

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Prepare for a powerful and challenging experience. You’ll learn how to open your heart and integrate your gift to the world and your lover. Enhance your understanding why the masculine seeks freedom and the feminine seeks love. This retreat is designed for women who want to be free and open as the Divine, enjoy and celebrate their femininity.  And also for men to enjoy and feel centered in their masculine qualities. A journey into understanding sexual polarity and a man’s core desire without compromising.

Masculine and feminine energy is what we all carry inside of us. It is seen as a play of polarity in Hindu Tantra. A divine play of duality and a door towards unity; the One. It can be an overwhelming feeling from the heart we all desire and recognize inside of us when we truly connect. In this video you can find a beautifull explanation from David Deida.

-We will discover sisterhood and do a lot of Shakti Sensual Practise like (Belly) Dance, Sensual Yoga, Tantric Breath Work, Sharing and Massage. Als je als vrouw al een tijd bezig bent met je zoektocht naar authentieke sensualiteit, vrouwelijkheid, zonder schaamte genieten, plezier, je wildheid, hoe je omgaat met de man (of mannelijke energie) ben je hier helemaal op je plek. Leer te blijven in kwetsbaarheid en kracht, in ‘Self Connection’ in het contact met de man. Deze link geeft meer info.

-We will discover brotherhood and do a lot of Shiva Presence Practises. Als je als man bezig bent met je zoektocht naar authentiek man zijn, je richting, uit je hoofd en in je lichaam te komen, je kompas, zonder schaamte gaan staan, je kracht te ontdekken en hoe je omgaat met de vrouw (of vrouwelijke energie) ben je hier helemaal op je plek. Als man is het vaak een uitdaging om in contact met de vrouw in je mannelijke kracht te kunnen blijven staan, zonder te domineren of onderdanig te worden. Gefocust en gegrond te zijn, terwijl je in het contact met de vrouw voelt dat je je eigen plek hebt, dat je de leiding durft te nemen en te geven, vanuit een diep respect en gelijkwaardigheid. In het contact en het duidelijk geven van jouw richting in de dans, kan zij zich overgeven aan jouw leiding. Dit gaat het beste wanneer het die leiding vanuit je hart en ballen komt en daarmee gaan we oefenen in dit weekend.

We will start the day with an early bird programme of seperate men,- and women- practise. You are welcome to help prepare lunch and dinner, and helpt with the dishes as a community.
Before every meal the men and women will meet in the Tantric Dance. You can expect a lot of dance, movement, heart connections, bodywork, wheel of consent, feedback practise, tantric meditations, breathwork, touch. We will prepare food, and enjoy our meals in silence. So you will have enough oppurtunity to stay in a Sacred Space and let your true nature blossom. In Silence- magical connections can apear. You will also learn some theory of the fundamentals of Shakti Tantra like the masculine and feminine chacra model and the flow of energies between polarities. You will receive insight in your own love life and able to make the changes in your life that will serve you the most.

This retreat welcomes both men and women, singles and couples. We attempt to ensure equal numbers of men and women in the workshops for cohesive practice forms. You will be relating with many individuals of the opposite gender for the sake of practice. There is no nudity, nor explicit sexual touching in the workshops. With our ‘Dream Team’ we are dedicated to the highest degree of safety, clarity, and integrity for all participants.
During the retreat our team is available for empathy time one-on-one should you need it. We will not give any advice or try to ‘coach’ you- we will just listen empathicly and dive into your feelings and needs to get closer to Self Connection. Listening to the body’s intellegence.
Er ligt veel nadruk op community en togetherness. Tijdens de retreat is er een schema waar je je op in kunt schrijven om mee te helpen met koken en afwassen.

2018:July 20 Friday we arrive. July 22 Sunday we will leave after lunch

Your investment €325,- if you pay before June 10, after June 10 the price is €365,- 3 dagen en 2 overnachtingen incl.

Please transfer to M Sanders NL46INGB 0751456446, to reserve your spot. There is only space for 7 women and 7 men

Location: Erve Deperman

The retreat will be guided by Marcia Sanders, founder van Art of Loving, School of Shakti & Tantric Dance. The men will mostly be guided by Sander Schuurman.

If you have no experiece in Tantric Dance, Tango & Tantra, please feel free to contact Marcia first.

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