Shakti Magic

Every 2nd Sunday of the Month LIVE in Zena Amsterdam

April 14, embodiment sensuality practises and  victim-perpetrator-savior drama triangle
May 12, special Priestess Dance experience with Jess

-11.00-13.30 set intention and ignite your Shakti radiance
-13.30-14.00 lunch
-14.00-16.30 diving into the topic of the day

€40,- per Sunday
Max 16 participants
Zena, Borneokade 68, Amsterdam: 11.00-16.30 hours

Every Sunday we wil work with men, to mirror you and use this polarity to awaken you in your feminine essence.

You will be in the expert hands of the the School of Shakti Priestesses team:
These women are on fire and on a mission to awaken the flame of the Divine Feminine in women.

Carry, Jessica, Kelly, Tessa,
to register please mail

Discover how your divine femininity can navigate you to your authenticity and change your life in Shakti Magic
a journey of listening and learning to trust your body, the deeper wisdom residing there, and celebrate feminine radiance.

Feminine radiance is the strongest force on the planet: aliveness, passion, creation, wildness, authentic lovemaking and deep wisdom of the womb lives within every woman. You can expect:

🌹 Yoni/womb activation
🌹 Embodiment practices
🌹 Reclaiming & empowering your body
🌹 Setting up a self-practice with practical tools and meditations
🌹 Knowing, setting and expressing healthy boundaries
🌹 Introduction to healing trauma: the basics of how your nervous system works
🌹 Learning about polarity, and masculine & feminine energy
🌹 Get to know and value your sensual powers
🌹 Sisterhood
🌹 Awakening your authentic sexuality

Working with these magnetic spiritual forces, masculine and feminine energies can be life-changing.

Sisterhood is one of the most important elements for the women trainings. You are in this together, supporting each other.  We will go into the different stages of both Shakti (feminine) and Shiva (masculine) energy, dark and light, and let you discover how you embody these. This training is also a preparation for the transmissions offered in the Kali Temple Priestess year training 2024 and to empower you for the initiations for life itself.

School of Shakti is a fierce and loving container for the transmission of ancient Shakti Tantric wisdom, which lies dormant in every one of us. Our favorite playground is polarity; an internal dance of conscious intimacy. School of Shakti functions as a supportive community of brothers and sisters. Inviting you to step into your own masculine-, and feminine force and lead the way into the new paradigm. By surrendering to the power of Shakti, to life itself, we embrace all aspects of life and become one with Creation.