Sensual Awakening crash course

For every woman: Sensual Awakening 

The essential information for all women who participate in School of Shakti trainings and retreats. The fundamentals of your Sensual Essence and how to awaken your life force. This training will provide you with the basic tools how to tap in deeper into your body’s wisdom.

* Set your intention, what are you longing for? a deeper connection to your sensual freedom?
* Activate your pelvic floor with belly-dance exercises
* Connect to your yoni with squeeze and release practice
* Open the body with Self Pleasure
* How to let go of body shame
* Learn about the Tantric View
* Influence of P0rn and (social) media
* Trauma in the body and how to heal

a 7 weeks ONLINE training.
– one year available
– interactive
€77,- Purchase here