Mystical Priestess weekend

🔥A weekend to practice your Priestess skills
🔥Open your channels to your unique lineage
🔥Surrender to love in service of your Higher Self
🔥Be of service to the Wounded Masculine Collective
🔥Movement, dance, touch, healing, life force
For those who already facilitate groups, give body work sessions, or have a desire to – this is a great opportunity to deepen your practice and intuition.
Set your priestess energy & space. Work with your feminine energies and hidden superpowers.
July 13 Saturday 11.00-17.00: WOMEN: Spiritual protection practices, working with the light, recognizing the dark. Grounding, elements ceremony, embodiment and awakening your life force. Setting the space with our Shakti energy – making an altar. Becoming a living altar.
July 14 Sunday 11.00-17.00 MEN ARE WELCOME. Setting the space for a Healing Heart Temple. Channeling for each-other, expand your gifts.
Working with the Wounded Masculine. How to feel into him, his pain, trauma. What energy do we use with him to open him to love and let healing energy in.
You can invite men and we will invite men to join for this Priestess experience – inviting them into our space of love and devotion, in the afternoon setting.
Location: Zena. Borneokade 68, Amsterdam
Costs: €333,-
– wear comfy, sensual, uplifting clothing
– bring journal, water bottle
– Bring priestess tools/ things for the altar
There is space for 10 women & 6 men
Jessica, Marima and Amber are trained by School of Shakti. They developed deeper what was already their gift. Giving transmissions of ancient Shakti Tantra. The energy of the Divine Mother is a natural energy they embody.