Beloved Anna, Carry, Deva, Elina, Esther, Hester, Patricia,
Beloved Jeroen E. Jeroen W, Rob, Miquel,

  • You are carrying the fire of the New Paradigm Leadership
    -In honor of the polarity of humanity
  • Supported by the ancient Tantric Masters
    -In the name of the Divine Mother and transmitter of Shakti Energy

We will be together these 3 for the kick-off of the facilitator training.
Mainly how to set the energy and how to channel the group. How to deal with emotional processes. How to create a safe setting. the polarity differences and more (so if you want to give mixed groups-super valuable for you)

During this whole facilitator training I will also be your business coach. You will already earn money with your unique talent. You will chose a buddy for this whole training. You are responsible for sharing all information if you missed out on a training.

AUGUST 27 from 10.00-18.00 in Zena, Amsterdam
SEPT 2 & SEPT 3 will be another location. soon to be revealed on this page.

Costs: in September the membership (€333,-) already begins.
Please send me a picture of your maandelijkse overschrijving starting August 25.
-Pls Send it to me before July 10.

For these 3 days live I will ask a donation of €600-€400 based upon income and free will
– Pls send me an app before July 10 with the amount and I will send you an invoice.

Jessica Mahler wil be my Wing Woman.