5. Women Group Facilitator

Women Group Facilitator training

When woman gather, magic happens. It becomes a space to share, mirror, celebrate, mourn and empower each other. A space where we can relieve tension, and let the beauty of our authentic self be seen, in all vulnerability. Where we return to the wisdom of own feminine roots and listen to what we know to be true in the depth of our soul. A Women’s gathering is an ancient practise to stay in touch with the wisdom of our authentic feminine roots. It is the glue that binds women. We create understanding, compassion, integrity and passion. Encouraging each other in being real.

You will receive both practical tools and a life long wisdom from working with women by Marcia Sanders, rooted in Shakti Tantra, founder and director of School of Shakti. We will offer methods that embraces feelings and needs, as well as the sword, in a way you can empower and inspire each other. Being with women will enhance your authentic feminine nature. We are restoring a natural balance between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves and in the world, for the benefit of all beings.

Here you will learn how to be a safe and inspiring platform for women. You will get in touch with your authentic and unique gifts to hold space for connection, creation and magic. You will learn how to facilitate and connect to every woman; you are every woman.

All that you have learned regarding to Feminine Sexuality and the elements, you will now pass it on to future generations and it will be a seed to plant for a more compassionate and loving planet.
Topics of this training will be:

-creating and holding a Sacred space
-learning about Shiva Presence
-how to create safety and work with structure and boundaries
-timekeeping & equality
-speaking from different chacra’s
-set the right energy
-the higher perspective; Divine Feminine
-bonding with women
-keeping space for intimacy
-dealing with emotional processing
-authentic feminine leadership
-dealing with tension and resistance
-how to go from the ‘story’ to feelings and needs and therefor Self Connection
-how to be inspirational by being authentic in vulnerability
-how to stay in the body
-commitment en secrecy
-from suffering to empowerment
-how to use movement and breath
-how to use your voice
-engagement & pr and attracting women

DATES: Women Group Facilitator Training
Max 8 women
Dec 20, 26 and 27. From 11.00-17.00 hours.

Investment €555,-
Please transfer €455,- to School of Shakti NL16KNAB0404182127