3 Warrior Goddess, fire

You will find true success and happiness if you have only one goal, and that is this: To fulfill the highest, most truthful expression of yourself as a human being. You want to max out your humanity by using your energy to lift yourself up, your family, and the people around you.” Oprah Winfrey

This training is all about: your frequency, your vibration, the ability to let life-force flow through your body, to be in the receiving mode, to let the universe work through you and your gifts to the world to be set free.

It is the fire element of the Full Bloom tranining. You will get the chance to get your values straight, that you know what you want to fight for (is it your authenticity? Is it effortlessly? Is it to express yourself freely?). I always see the image of a women on a horse with a flag in her hand galloping across the land. I want to know: what is on your flag? And how to live an abundant life that is fulfilling to your purpose. No more pleasing- it is time to focus on your potential. How to manage your life with your feminine presence (and not your masculine shield).

-what is the vibration you send out into the world right now? What does it attract? (Work/relationships/sex)
-what is the vibration you would like to vibe on and what would it serve you?
-what is your long life dream or goal in life?
-what makes you the most happy in life and is effortless?
-do you have a masculine shield and when do you use it?


WHY: If you’ve experienced a crisis or burn-out, it is difficult to (re-)connect with your authentic values. It is a common survival strategie to adapt, to please, to say yes to people we care about, or are dependent upon, in fear of losing them, or te be excluded. You may be a strong woman and you feel this is not appreciated in your environment. You may also feel that your masculine qualities are more appreciated than your feminine qualities, and you experienced a lack of sensuality in your life and relaxation. We will take a look in how you may have adapted a ‘masculine shield’ that is restricting you from living you authentic feminine essence.

The Warrior wields the sword of discrimination. The Warrior Goddess has a deep knowing what is real and what is bullshit. She holds a fierce force of truth. She sets boundaries to protect, provoke and to stand firmly. She is there to inspire, captivate, touch and be true to who you really are and say bye bye to the fake smile. Learn to speak freely and authenticly in front of a group. To discover Feminine Leadership through your body and voice. To let your light shine through your body and voice. Dare to be the sexy smart women you are and let your love shine. Be reunited with your inner fire. Reconnect with your true feelings. Learn how to firmly stand for your needs, express them in a way that creates a magic connection.

HOW: You will look at your ‘masculine shield’, your survival strategies, where it serves you and where it blocks you. Work with different ego-structures that keep you small and invisible. Learn from the archetypes of the Warrior, what does she represent to you? Learn to trust the Feminine. With voice work, body-, and yoni awareness we will experiment with speaking from different chacras. Connect with the yoni and solar plexus chacra to clear them from obstacles. Be a light unto others. We will dive into the light(happy) and dark (dangerous) side of being a strong independent feminine women.

THE ELEMENT FIRE: Fire is the element of Manipura, the 3rd chacra. It will give you insight on where you stand in life. What is worth ‘fighting’ for in your life?Where do you take a stand? What do you represent? Fire keeps our sexuality alive. Your inner fire saves you from depression and keeps you awake and aware. It can burn away all that is holding you back to be the best version of yourself and fulfill the highest most truthfull expression of yourself. Of the 5 senses are our eyes relevant and can function as a door to acces the qualities of this element within you.

Warrior Queen, is for me such a powerful training, it is short and sweet. We will look at your VALUE and BELIEF systems; what vibration do you send out ? What is your worth? What are your gifts? What are you willing to ‘fight’ for? Or take a stand for? In my past I stood for nothing and fell for everything. Especially when you are young, or programmed by society, or in a spiritual bubble it can be difficult to define your value.

We will look into our feminine power and feminine presence, work with the voice and start realizing your dreams and earn money with it! Sharing your gifts is what the world is waiting for ! We work with our voice, our FEMININE PRESENCE. We will do constellations to see what belief systems are destructive and change it into trust, courage and determination. I will also invite a VERY special (Mystery) Guest and I have so much respect for her, she will explain how she used the Feminine FORCE to earn (a shit load of ) money. And she comes from a ‘voedselbank’ background. So she came from far, just by believing in the gift of herself and the gift of others. Love to share this with you! If you did not register: PLEASE COME AND JOIN!

ARCHETYPES: Durga, Athena, Anat, the Valkyrie, Joan of Arc

-Connecting with the deep longing to be an inspiration to others with your unique talent.
-You will find your personal gift as an inspiration to others.
-You will learn to communicate in front of a group what is close to your heart.
-discover your vibration; what do you send out in the world? Is this congruent with your deepest longing?
-Connect with your audience with vulnerability as your strength.
-No more burn-outs by discovering your feelings and needs
-Personal Practice to reclaim your authentic sexuality and strength in authenticity.
-Non Violent Communication skills
-Voice practice, and posture
-Dare to shine in your feminine presence.
-Be the master over your life.
-Let your outside match your inside.
-Inspire and empower.
-You will be able to create safety through awareness and learn how to play with your authentic fire and fierceness within your own boundaries.
-Empowerment to live your dreams.
-You will activate your energetic potential to move mountains and live your dreams.
-counstallations on your blockages to be the full bloom warrior woman you really are

DATA: Warrior Goddess, fire element 2-luik
14,15 nov/ 28,29 nov 2020
11.00 uur-17.00 uur vroegboekkorting bij betaling voor 1 oktober: €466,- daarna €499,-

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