Playfulness, sensuality, seduction, and being flirtatious are happy feminine vibrations. Not to please, but just for the pleasure of enjoying our feminine nature. If we lose contact with our femininity we get too serious. We start overvaluing masculine qualities that keep us restrained. We lose our life force. Is there a deep longing in you to play, to awaken your senses, to experience your body sizzle with orgasmic vibrations? Come and reunite with Sensual Shakti and DANCE her alive again.

In this training, the second module of the Temple Priestess year training, we concentrate on the element Water, connected to the second chakra in your body. It connects to creativity, beauty and grace, flow and expansion, authenticity, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, playful flirtiness, and juiciness.

As a young girl, you may remember your first acquaintance with your body feeling sensuous. You were innocently – but fully –  enjoying your body. Perhaps your mother, an ex-lover, or someone else – warned you for this unknown force. Somewhere you felt this sexual energy is dangerous. Or men are dangerous. Maybe in discovering your sexuality, a person scared you by crossing your boundaries. All these experiences are stored in your body. You can develop a ‘masculine shield’ to protect you from these sensations. This protection comes with a very high price: your life force. It’s time to reclaim and explore your authentic sensual nature.

You are invited to be playful again through dance, breath, and MOVEMENT. Be flirtatious and return to innocence. Through yoni exercises feel the aliveness in the pelvic floor. Learn to contain this sensual life force your body as an art form.

Feminine Radiance: the strongest force on the planet. In this training, we will discover both the light and dark side of feminine and masculine sexuality. You will learn how to deal with ‘rape-energy’. With knowledge of the dark-, and the light side comes the opportunity to take full responsibility for your sensuality. You will learn how to set clear boundaries to create safety and clarity. Awareness of where you still have the ‘disease to please’ and use your sensuality as a way of manipulation. We will embark on this journey to discover your feminine authenticity and uniqueness, and how this powerful force serves you, inspires women, heals men, and benefits humanity.

We will work with ‘practice men’ in the last weekend, to re-wire your system into more love, courage, safety, boundaries and take a step into your new life. The men are attending a similar program (Superior Man – The Ravisher).

Dates: February 5, 6, – Feb 19, 20, March 12, 13
Time: 11.00-17.00
Location: Studio Zena, Borneokade 68, Amsterdam
Investment: €499,-

Send a mail to marcia (@) school of shakti . org to register, or call marcia at 06 49135246