The Lioness Den

We are all made up by feminine and masculine energy. These trainings are for men who have a desire to step into their masculine strength  It lays out a challenge before men to fulfill their authentic masculine essence. Our playground is polarity and sexuality. The masculine- and a feminine pole, In life it doesn’t matter who takes on those roles (man or woman), but in these trainings we work with men with a masculine essence. The dynamic of polarity is necessary for sexual tension, passion and excitement. We will take these polarizing practices to the next level and play with it is as an art form.

Yes, it is about your sexuality. How to be present with all that arises in your energetic and physical body. What are your challenges in your love life, sex life and with women? Set your own goals during this trainings and practice them with women who are there to reflect and thereby serve you in your journey.

You can loose contact with your authentic sexuality nature due to porn, past-rejection issues, rejection from the feminine or taboo issues. The lingam and your life force can suffer from this. We want to restore the life-giving force from the lingam in all it’s glory. Bringing back the sensitivity and power. And let it be an instrument to be worshipped by yourself, the feminine  in a beautiful and healthy communion.

Can you connect to your inner feminine? Can you connect to the outward feminine? Are you curious about the feminine orgasm, the ability to open for pleasure and feminine sexuality? How to detect when a women is in a freeze/fight/flight/cooperation mode?  When and why she closes during love making? How to open every cell of her body to receive pleasure? What factors are necessary for her to dive into a wild and orgasmic love making? Rhythm, trust and safety are one of the most important ingredients.

The healing of the Wounded Masculine:
Did you suffer from women who were afraid of your masculine power? Was you lingam not welcome or worshipped? Did your ‘animal’ side get blamed? Did you have to adjust to feminine lovemaking and developed a ‘feminine shield’ of ‘spiritual shield’? Did you loose your masculine energy and would you like to explore the energy in the Dark Masculine, as well as the Light Masculine? Discover the archetypes from Killer/Rapist to King and Master and learn how to play and practice with these energies, Learn to ‘read’ the feminine energy and take responsibility for your sexual desires.

The Dark Side:
Would you like to take a journey into your dark masculine, to explore your boundaries in the dark side of the masculine and see what energy is there? How to transform addictions and ‘pervertedness’ into opening skills? What gifts the dark side has to offer you? Can you take her further than she can take herself in your guidance of sexual play? How does a women react to this part of you? How to initiate her into this part of you? Learn to use your voice, posture and energy to create a sexual tension that opens her. You need this side to be a ‘whole man’ and as your ‘battery’ to take this energy into a ‘ravishing’ energy.

Stages of Masculine:
To totally embrace your masculine essence it is important you understand the 3 stages of masculine from dark to light. These are stages to grow into but also you have different moments when you are in different stages. From Warrior, Macho, Killer, Leader, King, Priest, Dominant, Healer, Cult Leader to Ravisher and Supreme Lover. Embracing each stage as a part of your humanity. Learn about the stages as feminine as well and how to play and influence her into  these stages.

Masculine and Feminine Shield:
Where in life did you decide the masculine strength is not safe or appreciated? In your childhood? Your mother told you to ‘behave’?, your ex?, etc etc. Learn how it still sabotages your relationships and keeps you away from your deepest (sexual) gifts. Learn to detect your feminine shield, perhaps created in fear of the/your masculine force. Also learn how to understand and de-arm a woman’s masculine shield.

Stages of Feminine:
To deal with the unpredictable nature of the feminine it is important to understand the 3 stages of feminine- dark and light. From bimbo to lolita, from queen to manipulator, from priestess to bitchy. You can direct a situation, in or out of the bedroom, and navigate through challenging situation by practicing and having this knowledge.

Stages of Lovemaking:
One part of your woman is happy she made you come. Another part of her is disappointed that you’ve allowed yourself to choose a temporary and pleasurable spasm over the endless ravishment of her. What are your navigation skills? We will look at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage of lovemaking and how to get to a real communion of the polarities. Mastery over your sexual energy.

When was the last time you really ravished your woman? When was the last time you really “took” her, savagely, lovingly, with no inhibition whatsoever? Has it been so long that you can only get turned on by porn and rape scenes?
We get our sexual education mostly by porn. This gives a distorted vision of sexuality where there is absolutely no room for the feminine sexual experience. Many men get addicted to porn and desensitize their bodies to subtle love making. It can even create depression because of the hormonal dis-balance. It is difficult to sense a woman’s boundary and feel where you make love from love, your senses or from pictures in your head.

About Marcia: During the 10 years I facilitate women trainings with men that serve in these trainings. This creates a safe and exiting practice for the women to get into their vulnerability, authentic sexuality and feminine power. Now the tables are turned. I work a lot with men in private sessions and I noticed their longing for connection with their lingam, their body, their place of power, fulfilling sexual life, their purpose and a longing for uniting with the opposite sex. It heals the feminine and masculine collective pain-bodies. It is the most grateful work I can think of doing. Time to serve the masculine. And let the superior man rise. The return of the King. Prepare for the other polarity at the head of the table 😉

You will practice with women who will serve you. Sometimes by reflecting or challenging you, guiding you into all the stages of your masculine strength. Through touch, provoking dance and Shakti Tantra practises. They will be of service to the masculine. They will dance with you, touch you, let them be touched by you, show you how their bodies work, speak to you their wishes on how to open them further, call you out on your ‘bullshit’ and guide you into the opening of the senses to a point where the body is as open as it can be for the Divine to enter. There will be no exchange of bodily fluids and nudity only when it’s functional and with consent. We use a lot techniques like the wheel of consent, Shakti Tantra practices, constellations, inquiry, radical honesty. It will be an initiation into all your stages of masculine, from dark to light.


MARCH 9 Embody your lingam, Purpose, Addictions, Sexuality, Connection, Penetrative Force, Are you trust worthy? What keeps you from sharing your masculine gifts?

MARCH 16 understanding the feminine and masculine stages. what stage of masculine are you in and where are you uncomfortable? Do you have a feminine shield? Do you attract ‘masculine’ women? You will get a first impression feedback from the practice ladies

MARCH 23, First Stage Light: the soldier, the warrior, the provider. First Stage Dark Masculine: the killer and the rapist. The battery you need for ravishment. Can you look at your dark-side?

MARCH 30, How to be trustworthy to open (into) Her, the masculine and feminine shield, where you (and she) goes off our track. Recognizing ‘survival mode’ the freeze, fight, flight and cooperation states.

APRIL 6, The 3rd Stage Masculine, the King, the Priest, the Initiator, the Tantrik. Using your personal gifts to open her heart. Loving through resistance. Controlling your sexual energy in challenging situations.

APRIL 13, How to create confidence in love making, Stages of love making, from dark to light

APRIL 20, (open for discussion)

APRIL 27, celebration of the return of the Masculine, the Superior Man

Trainings will be given in Amsterdam (East). Please send a mail and the location will be send to you
19.00 we start
20.00 we train with women
21.30  we close

€ 444,- for the whole training. Max 12 men.
please send a mail to marcia (@) school of shakti. org

To respect the safety of the women who are serving: no contact with these serving women outside the training. No seeking each other on Facebook or such. If you should meet outside of the training there will be no discussing the practices. All practices during the training remain secret and sacred and will not be talked about. We will create an app group for the men to keep up with each others process.


This training is for men who are ready to go the the next level of your masculine essence. There will not be only talk but a lot of ‘do’.
We will start with sitting down with your men friends and discuss what you are doing in your love and sex-life and what you are afraid of doing. The conversation are short and simple. Your brothers will give you a behavioral experiment, to get out of your comfort zone something you can do that will reveal something to you, or grant more freedom in your life. Men amongst each other should not tolerate mediocrity in one another. You can read ‘the way of the superior men” from the author David Deida to already get into the zone.

“In zes weken is er veel gebeurd. De richting die ik vanuit mijn binnenste al was ingeslagen heeft handen en voeten gekregen in het echte leven. Ik kende de kracht van het hoofd en het hart al, echter wist ik niet van de kracht van de lingam. ” BB (deelnemer Lioness Den)

“Voordat ik kwam was ik me bewust van een coping glimlach die ik opzette in contact met vrouwen. Nu ik bewust ben hoe de dingen werken heb ik gezien dat dit een feminine shield is wat ik heb ontwikkeld als een beschermingsmechanisme. Nu kan ik het afleggen. Hierdoor kan ik man zijn en me als man gedragen. “

“De eerste avond en ook in eerdere relaties zocht ik steeds een moeder; “geef mij geef mij”. Nu en ook de laatste avond sta ik, en geef ik zelf, in de overtuiging dat ik liefde ben. Dit is zo wezenlijk anders. Ik ben man.” DH (deelnemer Lioness Den)

“Guys, if you consider partaking but you are scared, let me tell you, it only sounds dangerous, but it’s actually really nice. M.K.

Marcia knows what she’s doing. ‘Dark masculine’ often sounds real crazy to me, scary, unpredictable and uncontrollable. I guess that’s what it should sound like 😛 there is nothing really crazy about it though, just stepping in your deep power, allowing yourself to have desires and to express them. Nobody will judge you there, it’s all for the sake of collective evolution. Enjoy the ride!” Nikolas (attended Priestess Retreat 2019)

“Ik ben een andere man. Ik zal nooit meer hetzelfde naar vrouwen kijken. Ik begrijp nu veel beter wat presence is en wat het betekent om man te zijn. Ik had er een verwrongen beeld van. Nu weet ik dat vrouwen mij willen zien in al mijn zijn, emoties, flaws en onzekerheden, zolang ik maar present ben. Het was ongelooflijk helend om mezelf zo kwetsbaar te laten zien en door Shakti volledig ontvangen te worden. Ik was zoekende naar purpose. Een nieuw purpose van me is om de Shiva te zijn die beeldschone Shakti’s, zoals jij ze opleidt, helemaal kan ontvangen. Ik wil een betere man zijn. Zodra ik dit voelde, had dezelfde dag een van de vrouwen mij alweer naar een hoger niveau getild. Nu wil ik meer, verder.Diep respect voor wat je met de ladies hebt gedaan. Wat ze in mij los wist te maken, was ongelooflijk. Ik had high hopes, en die zijn nog ver overtroffen. Woorden schieten me te kort. Ik heb al veel gedaan in zelfontwikkeling. Ik ben bij een paar van de grootste influencers in de wereld geweest, bijvoorbeeld Tony Robbins. Maar wat ik met het retreat heb meegemaakt… Dat heb ik nergens anders en de resultaten zijn echt van wereldniveau. Het is een van de beste ervaringen van mijn leven geweest.Mike (attendant Priestess Retreat 2019)