the ‘absent masculine’, we’ve all heard of it.
yes, I’m pretty much on fire, when I align with my mission to empower men to get into their inner leadership.

The absent masculine is an epidemic of this time. Divorce leads to fathers gone astray, no clear role-models, no value system, no connection to what it means to be ‘masculine’, a lost connection to the lingam, can lead a man into chaos.

Maybe because I grew up with an absent father that I came to rely and depend on my own leadership, my own direction, my own masculine force to get things done and be an independent woman. I take care of my kids, work, household, finances etc. and I can do it. 
And maybe it is hard for you as a man, when you feel that I could be 10 times the man you are. That I know what I want, I have my own company, I have my life’s purpose straight, that I can manifest, that I provoke, I initiate, I can hold space, I put the wheels in motion, I know my direction and can guide people to their own inner compass.
Maybe it is that I do not know if I can rely on your masculine strength, if you are strong enough, if you can hold space for me, if you can carry me, if I can let go and you will be there, if there is space for all parts of me to be revealed, if you can guide me deeper than I can guide myself. I don’t know if you can, because there is so much ‘absent masculine’ on the planet right now.

And the longing is deep. Deep for the feminine to be held. In a place of dignity, worth, safety and devotion. The feminine is craving for the masculine to hold space for her Shakti to explode in total bliss and surrender. She herself needs to hold that space for Shakti, to feel devotion and surrender to this powerful radiance. If she can the longing grows deeper to go deeper, to the infinite realm where the Gods and Goddesses reveal their secrets.

I invite you on a healing journey.
As men and women, I invite you to celebrate and honour the differences of our planets. To love our diversity, but we always remember deeply our inseparability. We see that on the deepest level, there is no war between the feminine and the masculine, we are not competing. Rooted in this recognition, comes a deep devotion for both polarities to embrace and hold deeply in ourselves. We connect to our humanity.