the ‘absent masculine’, we’ve all heard of it.
yes, I’m pretty much on fire, when I align with my mission to empower men to get into their inner leadership. It is most serving to women and selfishly it would be most serving to me.
Maybe because I grew up with an absent father that I came to rely and depend on my own leadership, my own direction, my own masculine force to get things done and be an independent woman. I take care of my kids, work, household, finances etc. and I’m doing pretty well.
And maybe it is hard for you as a man, when you feel that I could be 10 times the man you are. That I know what I want, I have my own company, my life’s purpose straight, that I can manifest, that I provoke, I initiate, I can hold space, I put the wheels in motion, I know my direction and can guide people to their own inner compass.
Maybe it is that I do not know if I can rely on your masculine strength, if you are strong enough, if you can hold space for me, if you can carry me, if I can let go and you will be there, if there is space for all parts of me to be revealed, if you can guide me deeper than I can guide myself. I don’t know if you can, because there is so much ‘absent masculine’ on the planet right now.
I see history repeating itself in my daughter. The walls are in formation. The hardening is beginning. There is no space for her to feel supported by the masculine. Can I blame her father? He had, you guessed it, an absent father as well. The cycle is complete.
Is it my ‘masculine shield’ ? Or is it evolution in women? Because of the ‘absent masculine’ (since the 60-70’s)we women are developing more masculine qualities. Is it fitting in our nervous system? I don’t know.
Call me old fashioned or a romantic, but personally I love to relax in the arms of a man, knowing he has his shit together, puts a ring on it, trustworthy, a man a man- a word a word-kinda guy, found his purpose, has his values straight, fights for his integrity, puts his kids as a first priority, dares to speak his truth, has a good pair of balls, knows how to savagely make love to me, makes choices and stands by them. Inner-f*cking leadership. My nervous system would love it.