Teacher Training








If you want to use your gifts and talents, your own experience and you feel ‘the calling’ to uplift women who are ready for a new paradigm!
The old paradigm is related to the collective pain body of the feminine- the time has come to step out of it and create a new paradigm where there is room for the feminine to blossom, flow and grow!

If you feel this ‘calling’- you are not alone. We, at School of Shakti are pioneering our way into the world. Let the feminine voice be heard and the feminine force find a way into the new paradigm.

A space where to share, mirror, celebrate, mourn and empower each other. A space where we can relieve tension, and let the beauty of our authentic self be seen, in all vulnerability. Where we return to the wisdom of own feminine roots and listen to what we know to be true in the depth of our soul. Share the magic of ancient practises to stay in touch with the wisdom of our authentic feminine roots. It is the glue that binds women. We create understanding, compassion, integrity and passion. Encouraging each other in being real.

You will receive both practical tools and a life long wisdom of Shakti Tantra from working with women by Marcia Sanders, founder and director of School of Shakti. We will offer methods that embraces feelings and needs in a way you can empower and inspire each other. The Feminine wisdom will enhances your authentic feminine nature. With your work we are restoring a natural balance between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves and in the world, for the benefit of all beings.

Women who’s path is to follow the Divine Femine and work with, and inspire women. Who facilitate women into awareness and empowerment. Als je een team-member wilt zijn in de School of Shakti, de ‘calling’ voelt en gelooft dat de wereld er beter uit gaat zien wanneer er meer vrouwelijke energie gemanifesteerd gaat worden in ons vrouwen. Dat de vrouwelijke kracht een verschil kan uitmaken. Als je ook merkt dat er weinig educatie is op het gebied van sexual awareness, en hoe dat ons gaat helpen (jonge-)vrouwen meer in hun kracht te zetten. Dat je als vrouw durft te stralen en niet je licht hoeft te dimmen om je ‘aan te passen’. Als je een lichtend voorbeeld wilt zijn, door jezelf te zijn in authenticiteit en het vuurtje wilt aanwakkeren bij anderen. ‘ Feminine Radiance is the strongest force on the planet’ zei David Deida en via deze kracht gaan we bloeien en groeien.

After the teacher training you can become an assistant and/or teacher to the School of Shakti. You will receive a certificate of completion and you will be listed on the School of Shakti website and will be used as a platform for empowering women.