Tantra drop-in Masterclasses

Tantra drop-in Masterclasses are Fundamentals that will clarify your life, death, work, mission, love, and relationship situations.

You decide what weekend/day suits you.
Interactive theory and easy, mild practices regarding the topic of Tantra.
*You can participate them separate, no need to follow them all*

for who?
– facilitators, yoga teachers, healers, curious people (men and women)

and if:
– you are ready to expand your heart, body and mind and find a solid foundation in your work, life, love life, relationships
– you are ready to work with the energy of transformation
– you want to know the correlation between Divinity and sexuality
– you know of the potential of sexual energy & Sacred Prostitute. trauma & kink
– you want to discover yourself as creator of (your own) reality
– you are curious about orgasm and spiritual awakening, Sacred Rituals
– you want to know the types of Tantra (white. red, black)

* August 6-7 Tantra and the Goddess Kali, yantra, mantra (old school Tantra), Tantra and the body (the senses, chacra and kundalini)

* August 20-21 Tantra and Sexuality and Magic, Tantra and Polarity (Shiva&Shakti- Lingam &Yoni)

11.00 – 17.00 Bilthoven. We start with one hour of yoga & meditation in the forrest. There is a possibility to stay overnight in a wagon near the forrest.

🔥One day drop in: Saturday or Sunday incl lunch €111,-
🔥A weekend Masterclass incl lunch €199,-
🔥If you want the 2 weekends incl lunch €355,-

To apply please mail Marcia @ school of shakti. org

If you have a smaller budget please let me know, so that we can discuss our options.
Read the terms and conditions.

Who is Marcia?
A devotee of Kali, Tantra, Yoga and of service to humanity.
She ignites the long forgotten fire in the hearts of women and men who want to step into the new paradigm of conscious relationships.
The duality (Maya)we live in is a space of polarity between masculine and feminine. This is her favorite playground where magic happens.

School of Shakti was founded in 2010 by Marcia Sanders, she also founded Art of Loving and Tantric Dance. All her trainings are from her Tantric awakenings she experienced and studied in India. Her roots lie in Raja Yoga and Shakti Tantra and the Mahavidyas.

Her calling is to awaken the dormant and forgotten feminine force and wisdom.