2 Supreme Lover, water

Your sexuality is a direct reflection of how you live your life.
A magnetic man attracts abundance in his life, challenges that make him grow to his full potential.
To become a magnet, you have to have a strong value system
A Supreme Lover makes Love not only with his genitals but with his heart and soul.
Using his penetrative force, not only between the sheets, but to pierce through every obstacle in his life.

Did you suffer from women who were afraid of your masculine power?
Did you have to adjust to a feminine way, to please, and developed a “feminine shield”?
Did you lose your masculine strength and became Mr. Nice Guy?
Do you suffer from addictions due to trauma?
Lack the courage to go for what you want in your (love) life?

Trauma is usually the origin of your dark-side.
We will explore the energy of the dark masculine, as well as the light masculine.
We will look at your first-time sexual encounter. This imprint you still carry with you today.
How is your relationship with your lingam? How is your relation to your sexuality? Repressed, non-existent, over-compensating?
Discover the 1st stage archetypes from Killer/Rapist to Warrior and Alpha.

Learn to “read” the feminine energy and take responsibility for your sexual desires.
Liberate yourself from perpetrator-victim dynamics.

It is my wish to liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and becoming the Superior Lover.
Not only for the benefit of you but also for the benefit of all women you encounter.

Set your own goals during this trainings and practice with women who are there to reflect and thereby serve you on your journey.
Flirt, seduce, overpower, play, dominate. With your heart and lingam.

No tricks and strategies, but with a strong magnetic masculine value system.
And relaxing deeper in your lingam presence and masculine essence.
Your sexual energy is the source that can fulfill your highest potential as a man.

You will learn all the secrets of the feminine,
how to detect when she is in a ‘pleasing’ mode, manipulating, a trauma response,
or genuinely enjoys making love to you.
How to get her totally open, vulnerable, relaxed and connected to you and your lingam.

We use techniques as Tantra, Peripheral view, hyper focus, Polarity Play, The Polyvagal theory, ‘pracise women’.
Movement, radical honest sharing, challenge, constellations and (emotional-)bodywork.
You will receive many practical tools to practice in both your daily and your love life.

We will work with women to re-wire your system into more love, courage, safety, boundaries and take a step into your new life.
The women are attending a similar program. We will be there to serve each other in our process.

Jan 27-28 Studio Zena, Amsterdam
Feb 24-25 Studio Zena, Amsterdam
March 16-17, together in Weesp

Investment €595,-

Send a mail to marcia@schoolofshakti.org to register, or call Marcia at 06 49 135 246
If you have a smaller budget please let me know, so that we can discuss our options.
Read the terms and conditions and group rules.