Heal the boy and the MAN will appearWhat is your compass in life? Who inspires you to be a “better man”, a better lover?
It starts with finding and forming your Masculine Value system. What are the ‘codes’ you live by that make you a trustworthy man? A rock to build on? A platform to grow from? For a woman to get attracted to your being. To feel safe to completely surrender to your masculine direction. Did you suffer from women who were afraid of your masculine power? Did you have to adjust to a feminine way, to please, and developed a “feminine shield” or “spiritual shield”? Did you lose your masculine energy and became Mr. Nice Guy?

As a man you need to explore the energy of the dark masculine, as well as the light masculine. To discover the 1st stage archetypes from Killer/Rapist to Warrior and Alpha. Learn to “read” the feminine energy and take responsibility for your sexual desires. Liberate yourself from perpetrator-victim dynamics.

The way you feel about your sexuality and your lingam depends on how you experienced your first-time sexual encounter. This imprint you still carry with you today. What is a healthy way of exploring sexuality and what old trauma needs to be rewired?

How is your relationship with your lingam? How is your relation to your sexuality? Repressed, non-existent, over-compensating, free, or..? These are the questions we work with, in the second module of the Superior Man year training, the water element. Your sexuality is a direct reflection of how you live your life, your life energy, your personality, relationships, work, etc. It is my wish to enlighten you with this vision and how to liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and becoming the Superior Lover. Not only for the benefit of you, your lover, but also for the benefit of all beings.

What are your challenges in your love life, sex life, and with women? Set your own goals during this trainings and practice them with women who are there to reflect and thereby serve you in your journey. Flirt, seduce, overpower, play, dominate.Where in life did you decide that masculine strength is not safe or appreciated? In your childhood? Your mother told you to “behave”? Your ex? etc., etc. Learn how it still sabotages your relationships and keeps you away from your deepest (sexual) gifts. Do you suffer from addictions to cover up past hurt or do you lack the courage to go for what you want in your (love) life?

We will uncover how to be the MAGNET. A magnet for radiant, open, juicy, intelligent women in your life. Not by tricks, but by relaxing deeper in your masculine essence. This practice will also attract all things you want in life. It is a sex- magic ingredient that makes your life fulfilled.

You will learn all the secrets of the feminine, how to detect when she is in a ‘pleasing’ mode, a ‘trauma response’ or genuinely enjoying to make love to you. And also how to get her to be totally open, vulnerable, relaxed and connected to you and your lingam.

Each group has its own needs, and therefore different methods are used for each training. Mostly, we learn through movement, radical honest sharing, challenge, constellation work and bodywork. We use techniques as Tantra, Polarity Play, Non-Violent Communication, The Polyvagal theory, and the Wheel of Consent, and a lot of practical ‘homework’. You will receive many practical tools to practice in both your daily and your love life.

We will work with women every last weekend of every training, to re-wire your system into more love, courage, safety, boundaries and take a step into your new life. The women are attending a similar program (Temple Priestess – The Seductress). We will be there to serve each other in our process.


Dates: 2023: February 11, 12 & 25&26, 11.00-17.00 Zena, Amsterdam
March 11,12, 12.30-18.30 Weesp

Investement: €575,-

Send a mail to marcia@schoolofshakti.org to register, or call Marcia at 06 49 135 246

If you have a smaller budget please let me know, so that we can discuss our options.
Read the terms and conditions and group rules.