Shakti Tantra retreat

Shakti Tantra retreat

For men and women. Couples and Singles. We will be separated in two tribes of masculine and feminine.

Without being fully conscious of it, we have been conditioned by the media, our culture, traditions, religions on Love and Sex. It is difficult to truly meet each other when we make love with our heads (with images) and not feeling our bodies anymore.

It is a challenge to stay in your authentic sensual nature when being bombarded by ‘how you should look’ as a woman, or ‘how you should behave’ as a man. The porn industry is where we get our education from, and is most times a distorted way where a lot of addiction and problems can come from. It is time for an inner awakening and understanding of feminine- and masculine way of intimacy. By understanding the polarities it can be restored into the expansion of Love. Reconnect with the feeling of how empowering sex can be and how to melt into intimate communion. It is time to discover yourself in a pure, innocent, honest and open way. Letting go of old patterns of goal-oriented sex, the disease to please and return home to intimate communion with you, your partner and the Divine.

There is a tremendous pressure for men to ‘perform’ and ‘be this endless perfect lover’, that knows all about the feminine body, emotions and mind. There is a tremendous pressure for women to ‘always be sexually available’, have multiple orgasms, and to please the man.

But: do you know your own body?
Do you know how your body can be turned on to pleasure? Do you have the courage to be wild and free to express your sensual and sexual nature? Or can you go inwards during love making and enjoy in silence. Do you love your body? Can you feel how empowering your free sexual nature really is? We will dive into the light side (happy) and the dark (dangerous) side of this sensual energy within us to understand and take responsibility for it. We will practice Tantric Breathwork, learn how to open the body and deepen our sensuality.

It starts with YOU and knowing/mapping your body, energetic body, mind, conditioning, trauma’s, pleasures and challenges. When you discover this map, you have the freedom to choose from all the expressions of YOU as a sexual being and be free and authentically you.

The male and female body differs in so many ways. They are different planets. The masculine and feminine way of Love Making are 180 degrees different. Can you relax in the journey of not-knowing this other planet? Relax and let the Love flow from your heart without wanting to ‘grasp’. Love flows through the Mind towards- and from the heart.

How liberating would it feel just to stay in your innocence and discover your partner? To stay self connected and from that point take the journey into your partner? Even if you have met for the first time or you have been in a relationship for 10 years, there are galaxies to discover. Welcome to the wonder- that is you.

Can you look at a man as if you looked at him for the first time?
Can you look at a woman and relax in the not-knowing her body, her pleasures?
Can you relax into the different (non-)reactions of your body?
Can you let yourself be touched and voice your ‘yes’ and your ‘no‘?
Can you be vulnerable in your honesty of how you feel?
Can you see yourself as a virgin? Allowing yourself to love for the first time?
Can you reprogram yourself and let go of guilt and shame?
Can you open yourself to a new way of love making?
Can you indulge in pleasure with the consent of your partner?
Can you be of service within consent to the orgasmicness of your partner?
Do you dare to discover your authentic sexuality, sensuality and do you long for communion?

Then you are at home at this retreat.  A few topics that will be addressed:

-The responsibility and awareness of your glowing sensuality

-Learn how/when it is safe to open and how/when to/why you close with a partner
-Learn about the dark and light side of sex, the energy,  how to deal with it
Pelvic Floor exercises and exercises to open every cell of the body to pleasure
-How to be conscious of what you can provoke in a (wo)man by expressing sexuality
-Learn about the different reactions and stages of the masculine from Warrior to Killer to Priest
-How to set clear and communicate boundaries to create safety and clarity and play within these boundaries
-How to say ‘yes’ with creating safety
Dealing with trauma of yourself of your partner
-Discover the survival mode- fight, flight, freeze, cooperation strategies, triggers in trauma
-Become aware of where you still want to please and use your sexuality as a way of manipulation/stategies
-Learning about the dark side of the feminine and masculine
-How to deal with ‘rape,-or predator energy’
-Clarity about the first stage feminine and masculine gifts, uniqueness and how it serves
-Personal practice to open the body’s natural capacity to be orgasmic
-saying goodbye to the ‘disease to please
saying ‘no’ and creating a deeper connection with it
-the principles of Shakti Tantra
– the courage to be pure, vulnerable, open and honest
– rituals, constellations, polarity play

In this retreat the field of Polarity is our playground. We will use the polarity of masculine and feminine energy. As described in the work of David Deida. You can come alone or with a/your partner. If you do not have a partner, no problem we rotate and change a lot. Women always chose the men.

Marcia will guide this training with her team using Tantric Dance, Polarity Play, Shakti Tantra, Shakti Yoga, Wheel of Consent and Non Violent Communication as one of the techniques.

Men and women will have separate trainings and will join around 3 times a day. Men will have the opportunity to relax into their masculine essence and deal with obstacles that prevent them from being free in their sexuality. Women will have the opportunity to return to their authentic orgasmic nature and deal with obstacles of shining the love light from the heart.

Codes of Conduct: the men and women sleep separate and will stay in silence amongst each other. During the retreat, during meals etc. So there is no chit-chatting amongst men and women. No exchange of bodily fluids. We keep in our our tribes and have truly 2 Sacred Tribes.

2022: May 19-22
Thurday we start at 11.00 and Sunday we leave at 16.00.
Max 12 woman and 12 men.
4 days: €679,- Early Bird discount €599,- payment before March 1st.

All included. Men and women will sleep separated, also if you attend with your partner. There is a beautiful place to sleep with privacy  but if you like you can also bring your tent.