Shakti Essentials

Thinking about stepping into the world of the DIVINE FEMININE, Tantra, Shakti, Trauma release, Divine Embodiment & Temple Practices? Do you want to know and value your body and sexual powers? To reinvent your relationship with yourself and everything around you?

Working with these magnetic spiritual forces can be life-changing. Therefore we offer this Essentials course: to offer you the basics, the framework, and concepts needed to dive into the journey of discovering the divine feminine and tantra. To prepare you for the initiations and transmissions offered in the Temple Priestess year training (and the separate modules). We recommend you to participate in this course before entering any of the trainings. And also just to explore for yourself: is this something for you?

Because, what is (Shakti) Tantra? And what are the methods we found are the most important to work with? We will introduce you to techniques that will guide you through trauma, the basics of how your nervous system works, and reconnect you with the wisdom of the body. We will go into the different stages of both Shakti (feminine) and Shiva (masculine) energy, dark and light, and let you discover how you embody these. We’ll work on knowing and setting your boundaries. Together we’ll explore how you can set up a self-practice, offering you practical tools and meditations. At the end of the last meeting, there will be a Q&A with Marcia to ask any other questions that came up. 

Practical: This course exists of 2 online meetings on zoom, additionally, you will receive pre-recorded practices and mediations. There is a minimum of 4 participants, and a maximum of 15. Investment: €60,- Interested? For questions and registration, you can contact the teachers


  • Kim Berghout – Sacred Bodyworker and trainer in School of Shakti. Our beloved ‘Lalita’ is both sensitive and powerful in her approach towards men and women. Open and honest. Her talent is to let all processes be integrated into the body. Her tools are NVC, Acces Bars, Wheel of Consent, and the PolyVagal theory but most of all her Grace.
  • Diana Ciolca – Diana is our NVC trainer and Trauma worker. She helps us get deeper in contact with our feelings and needs, therefore Self Connection. Non Violent Communication has deep roots in all the training of School of Shakti. Diana, with her Pillow Talks,  helps singles and people in partnerships heal relational wounds and offer them tools to get the love they so much crave for. She inspires men and women to (re)discover their pleasure and freedom in sexuality, and offer them tools to achieve deep love and sexual bliss.

Upcoming dates:
Tuesday 19 & 26 October 19.30-21.30 by Kim
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Sunday 14 & 21 November 10:30-12:30 by Diana
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Tuesday 7 & 14 December 19.30-21.30 by Kim
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Sunday 16 & 23 January 10:30-12:30 by Diana
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Tuesday 18 & 25 January 19.30-21.30 by Kim
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Tuesday 1 & 8 March 19.30-21.30 by Kim
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