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WHY As a young girl, you may remember your first acquaintance with your body feeling sensuous, maybe with a family member, on a rocking horse, at school, in a dance class. And maybe you can remember the feeling it gave you. You were just totally enjoying your body and somebody watching had a reaction to that. If you are lucky the reaction of person who watched you was positive and encouraged you to enjoy. If you were not so lucky a person, perhaps your mother, warned you for this unknown force, that is it dangerous to behave or dance like that in front of men, maybe that created fear. Another reaction is maybe you got laughed at, and you felt shame. Maybe another person tried to grab you, and you felt fear. This is all stored in our bodies. Blocking our life force and ability to heal ourselves. We are adapting into ‘good girls’ at a high cost. Now it is time to reclaim your authentic sensual nature

Playfulness, sensuality, seduction and being flirtatious are happy feminine vibrations. Not to please, but just for the pleasure of enjoying your (first stage) feminine nature. If we lose contact with our 1st stage femininity we get too serious and over value masculine qualities that keep us restraint. We lose our life force. Is there a deep longing in you to play, to awaken your senses, to experience your body sizzle with orgasmic vibrations? We will reunite with the Sensual Shakti and dance her alive again.

HOW: Through our inner water element we will learn to feel and enjoy the body. Be playful again through dance and movement. Be flirtatious and return to innocence. Through yoni exercises feel the aliveness in the pelvic floor. Learn to contain this feminine radiance in your body. Reclaim your authentic sexuality by becoming aware of pleasing sexual patterns that does not serve you anymore. You will be capable to invite Kundalini/Shakti energy to rise and let your body open up to pleasure. We will dive into the light side (happy) and the dark (dangerous) side of this sensual energy within us to understand and take responsibility for it.We will practice Tantric Breathwork, learn how to open the body and deepen our sensuality. Rejuvenate the energy body with Shakti.

In the last weekend you will learn how to deal with the masculine response through sensual dance in front of men. You will be able to create safety through awareness, connection and learn how to play, enjoy with your authentic sensuality within your own boundaries.

THE ELEMENT WATER: Water is the element of Svadhistan chacra, the second chacra in our body. Our creativity, beauty and grace. Authentic sensuality, flirtyness, sexuality, openness, juicyness. Of the 5 senses: touch is of importance and a door to this creative life force within you.

ARCHEPTYPES: Aphrodite, Oetesh, Ostara

-The responsibility and awareness of your glowing sensuality.
-Learing how and when to open and how to close
-Learn about the DARK side of sensuality, the dangers and how to deal with it.
-Pelvic Floor exercises and exercises to open every cell of the body to pleasure
-How to be conscious of what you can provoke in a (wo)man by being sensual.
-Learn about the different reactions and stages of the masculine.
-How to set clear boundaries to create safety and clarity and play within these boundaries.
-Become aware of where you still want to please and use your sensuality as a way of manipulation.
-Learning about the dark side of the first stage feminine and masculine.
-How to deal with ‘rape- energy’,
-Clarity about your first stage feminine authenticity, uniqueness and how it serves
-Personal practice to open the body’s natural capacity to be orgasmic.
-the principles of Shakti Tantra
-You wil have the courage to be a sensual glowing woman.

FAMILY COUNSTELLATION: Familie opstellingen worden gegeven op 1 december door Annemoon van Noorden, om inzicht te krijgen in patronen die tegen je werken. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld last hebben van hele oude schuld, schaamte, boosheid of angstgevoelens die helemaal niet van jou zijn en je ervan weerhouden om liefdevolle relaties aan te gaan, je seksueel vrij te voelen of je eigen levensdoel niet kunnen/willen vervullen. Door de familie op te stellen kun je inzicht krijgen in die oude patronen en overtuigingen. Er komt ruimte om de overgenomen verantwoordelijkheid of gevoelens als angst, schuld, verdriet, boosheid enzovoort terug te geven aan de vorige generaties zodat je je eigen plek in kunt nemen en je eigen leven kunt gaan leiden. Familieopstellingen werken op een diep zielsniveau waardoor het heel bevrijdend kan zijn.

Feminine Radiance: the strongest force on the planet. Important to be aware of this fire inside of us women. To awaken this fire and also take responsibility of our sexuality. Learning to dance with this fire and not get burnt by it.

REQUIRED: Sexual Awakening

DATA: Sensual Shakti, water element tweeluik met retreat
19,20 sept/ 10,11 okt
11.00-17.00 uur,  Amsterdam
Vroegboekkorting voor 1 oktober: €500,- erna €566,-

Bij overmaking van €250,- naar M Sanders NL46INGB0751456446, is je deelname bevestigd. Wil je een factuur, dan graag vooraf melden. Er is een maximum aantal deelneemsters van 20

Following this module in Venwoude:
30,31 okt en 1 nov: Sensual Shakti Retreat
Vroegboekkorting voor 1 augustus €498,- en daarna €545,-
Bij overmaking van €250,- naar M Sanders NL46INGB0751456446, is je deelname bevestigd. Wil je een factuur, dan graag vooraf melden. Er is een maximum aantal deelneemsters van 22

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