1 Sensual Awakening, earth

WHY: Within every woman there lives a powerful force. Passionate creativity, raw lovemaking and wisdom of the womb. Easily tappin into her joy and pleasure. Women today, still infuenced by the last remains of patriarchy, adapt to how society, how it wants them to be. So the wild, free and authentic sensual woman becomes an endangered species. Women who are experiencing an identity crises are soul-starved, which means that they do not tap into their essence, or wild sexual side. We are influenced by porn, social media etc. These media portrays women as submissive to the masculine by wearing sexy outfits, an excessive emphasis on youth, breast enhancing, botox, and voluptuous bodies that are sexified. During lovemaking, all we have as a reference is porn. Porn is very masculine dominated. There is no space for the feminine to flower open into ecstasy. Our bodies and spirit will become fatigue, closed and burned-out by just pleasing the man’s orgasm.

Claiming back your connection with the wisdom of your body in sexuality. Owning your sexuality and designing your love life in a way that you are free and feel supported by the Divine Feminine. Create awareness on sexual conditioning and where it does not serve you anymore. Overcome old patterns and obstacles, shame and guilt and reclaim your right to be a sensual and sexual being. Awaken your senses, express feelings and needs and thereby create healthy boundaries. Open to your birth right of being orgasmic. Learn to express a clear YES and a clear NO in every situation.

THE ELEMENT EARTH: Earth is the element of Muladhara chacra; the first chacra in our body. We will work with grounding, confidence, boundaries, trust, courage, realism, fierceness, feet on the ground, embodiment, determination, playfulness, sensual freedom. Of the 5 senses: smell is relevant and can function as a door to acces the qualities of this element within you.

HOW: We will look at repressing sexual energy, lack of orgasms, low libido, numbness, pain during intercourse,
addiction, obsession with fantasy, pornography or intense stimulation.Unnatural programming like shame and guilt gets stuck in the body. This blocks sexual energy from flowing freely in your body. This training gives you an opportunity to deal with sexual trauma and insecurities. You will learn to set it free and move it through your body. To not repeat self-harm but to express needs and boundaries. To embody authenticity and to contain this wild and raw sexual energy. Also to take responsibility for this powerful life force. And learn how to embody our pelvic floor. This training will give you the opportunity to transcend sexual conditioning and unhealthy sexual programming. We will reprogram the body with love, awareness, presence and care.

Through sharing, massage, dance, body movement practice and a lot of practical ‘home work’ you can let go of body shame. You will tap into a source that is spontaneous, wild and authentic. Learning to love,  and appreciate your body through body awareness exercises. Setting healthy boundaries is nessecary. How to say no and how to say yes, when you mean it. For this you will get practical tools to practise in daily life and your love life.

You will learn about the difference between masculine and feminine sexuality. About the stages of feminine and masculine, to create clarity. Tools on HOW to create safety in a (sexual) relationship.
Releasing fear, insecurity, feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt around sexuality. Learning to work with emotions. Play with sexual energy in it’s raw and innocent form. To feel whole again. Natural and free.

RECEIVE: Learn to enjoy your body again. Be released from destructive patterns. Live and love from the
womb-space. Breathe aliveness in your love life. Reconnect with Yoni awareness/presence and recognize your orgasmic flow. Be true and respecting of (the wisdom of) your yoni. Learn how to feel when ‘the door are closed’ and learn to feel when ‘the doors are open’. Activate the yoni and heart. Prepare the body for bliss and ecstasy.

FAMILY COUNSTELLATION: Familie opstellingen worden gegeven door Annemoon van Noorden, om inzicht te krijgen in patronen die tegen je werken. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld last hebben van hele oude schuld, schaamte, boosheid of angstgevoelens die helemaal niet van jou zijn en je ervan weerhouden om liefdevolle relaties aan te gaan, je seksueel vrij te voelen of je eigen levensdoel niet kunnen/willen vervullen. Door de familie op te stellen kun je inzicht krijgen in die oude patronen en overtuigingen. Er komt ruimte om de overgenomen verantwoordelijkheid of gevoelens als angst, schuld, verdriet, boosheid enzovoort terug te geven aan de vorige generaties zodat je je eigen plek in kunt nemen en je eigen leven kunt gaan leiden. Familieopstellingen werken op een diep zielsniveau waardoor het heel bevrijdend kan zijn. Op 27 oktober is zij er bij samen met de ‘oefenmannen’.

In the last weekend you will learn how to deal with the masculine through meditations with men. You will be able to create safety through awareness and learn how to play with your sexual boundaries, creating health sexual boundaries.

RECEIVE: You will get knowlegde about

-the feminine body, anatomicly and energeticly
– learn about how our pelvic floor is connected to our brain, how we are differently wired.
-get tools on how to expand sexual energy and take your intimate life to the next level
-how to set healthy boundaries via the Wheel of Consent
-the polarities of masculine and feminine
-the orgasm related to chacra’s
-masculine and feminine love-making difference
-how to open the senses
-the masculine shield
-the different stages of having sex
-stages of the feminine and masculine
-how to initiate men into consciousness sexuality

REQUIRED: no special training

Sexual Awakening 3-luik
dates will be revealed later….
…11.00-17.00 uur, Studio Zena, Borneokade 68, Amsterdam

LEES: je lichaam als afvoerputje