If you want to use your gifts and talents, your own experience and you feel ‘the calling’ to uplift women who are ready for a new paradigm! The old paradigm is related to the collective pain body of the feminine- the time has come to step out of it and create a new paradigm where there is room for the feminine to blossom, flow and grow! If you feel this ‘calling’- you are not alone. We, at School of Shakti are pioneering our way into the world. Let the feminine voice be heard and the feminine force find a way into the new paradigm. Marcia and her team are there for you to support your transformation.

Read / watch:
Prakash: the Power of Shakti / Womb Wisdom. Come as you are Emily Nagoski, Barbara Walker: Womens Encyclopedia Myths and Secrets, Marshall Rosenberg Non Violent Communication, Naomi Wolf: Vagina. Nancy Qualls: Sacred Prostitute, David Frawley: Mahavidyas, David Deida books.
Video’s: David Deida, Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji