Kali Retreat Tulum Mexico

Danger ahead:

You are just about to play with the burning fire that will dissolve everything that you know.
The Kali Tantra retreat feeds itself by the power of the tantric goddess Kali. Destroying all that is fake, all conditioning, to guide you to your most liberated power. You will unfold your potential & discover that it is not about ‘hard work’ to be a man or a women but about being authentic.
This retreat does not aim at creating a spiritual identity for you. It does not want to give you a new set of rules, or a set of tools or techniques. It wants to liberate you from all that is conditioned, as well as from any other belief that might be holding you back from what you truly want out of life.
Isabell and Marcia teamed up for this retreat: with the energy of Kali running through their spirit. They dedicated their lives to serve people in reaching their highest potential. Facilitating a movement, a platform for New Paradigm Leaders to rise. For men to step out of the shadows and lead with their heart fire. For women to get out of the shadows and to radiate fierce Shakti.
It is our conviction that we need polarity in order to get clarity on your purpose and heal the feminine and masculine wounds. It is our calling to serve men and women by bringing them back into their own power, to serve humanity. This is a safe space: non-judgemental and respectful, no exchange of bodily fluids.
Kali Retreats are for woman and men
who are ready for the next level.

21-24 September Tulum Mexico

9-14 December

Info and reservations:
Email to: kalitantraexperiences@yahoo.com
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