Fundamental Man

Do you live your true potential as a man?
Do you feel that you are playing small but your inner warrior is ready to rise?
Are you curious about your natural masculine abilities that women crave?
Time to reinvent your relationship with yourself, your love life and everything around you?

We believe that every man holds a Shiva presence: a platform of stability, a force of direction and purpose, of undisturbed tranquility, integrity and leadership. Discover and learn about these parts of you in Fundamental Man. Where did you establish a ‘feminine shield’ in order to downgrade yourself into Mr NiceGuy? No more guilt and shame. Time to break loose from old patterns and old paradigm. No more victim-perpetrator stories; ownership is the key word.

Working with the magnetic spiritual forces of masculine and feminine is challenging and life-changing. Therefore we offer this FundaMENtals course: the foundation for the transformation needed to dive into the journey of discovering your true power, your true masculine essence. Prepare yourself for the transmissions offered in School of Shakti’s Superior Man year-training and the separate modules, and empower yourself with this course for initiations of life itself.

Brotherhood is one of the most important elements for the Man trainings. You are in this together, and holding each other accountable. Are you ready to challenge your brothers? And let them challenge you? Can you have each other’s backs when needed with loyalty, perseverance, commitment, accountability and integrity? Or will you turn away when it gets tough?

We recommend you to participate in this course before entering any tantra workshop, and/or the modules of the Superior Man year training. We will introduce you to techniques that will heal trauma, the basics of how your nervous system works, and reconnect you with the wisdom of the body: reclaiming him, empowering yourself. We will go into the different stages of both Shakti (feminine) and Shiva (masculine) energy, dark and light, and let you discover how you embody these. We’ll work on knowing and setting your healthy boundaries. Together we’ll explore how you can set up a self-practice, offering you practical tools and meditations.