Do you long for your true feminine essence?
To surrender to what is already inside of you?
To know and value your body’s intelligence and sensual powers?
To reinvent your relationship with yourself, your love life and everything around you?
To embody your divine Feminine?

Discover how your divine femininity can navigate you to your authenticity and change your life in Essential Shakti,
a 4-week journey of celebrating, listening and learning to trust your body, the deeper wisdom residing there, and your feminine radiance.

Feminine radiance is the strongest force on the planet: aliveness, passion, creation, wildness, authentic lovemaking and deep wisdom of the womb lives within every woman.

What is included?

🌹 Yoni/womb activation
🌹 Embodiment practices
🌹 Reclaiming & empowering your body (if it comes up we will go into the basics of cycle awareness as well)
🌹 Setting up a self-practice with practical tools and meditations
🌹 Knowing, setting and expressing healthy boundaries
🌹 Introduction to healing trauma: the basics of how your nervous system works
🌹 Learning about polarity, and masculine & feminine energy (we might work with practise men if this is serving for the group)
🌹 Get to know and value your sensual powers
🌹 Sisterhood
🌹 Awakening your authentic sexuality

School of Shakti is a fierce and loving container for the transmission of ancient Shakti Tantric wisdom, which lies dormant in every one of us. Our favorite playground is polarity; an internal dance of conscious intimacy. School of Shakti functions as a supportive community of brothers and sisters. Inviting you to step into your own masculine-, and feminine force and lead the way into the new paradigm. By surrendering to the power of Shakti, to life itself, we embrace all aspects of life and become one with Creation.

Working with these magnetic spiritual forces, masculine and feminine energies can be life-changing. Therefore we offer this Essentials course: the foundation for the transformation needed to dive into the journey of your life. Where did you establish a ‘masculine shield’ and how to enjoy your sensual freedom as a woman? This course is to get clarity on where you are in your life as a woman. To prepare you for the transmissions offered in the Temple Priestess year training and the separate modules, and to empower you for the initiations of life itself. We recommend you to participate in this course before entering any tantra workshop, and/or the modules of the Temple Priestess year-training.