I know they say ‘Imitation is the highest form of flattery’ but you can also take it too far to a point that feels disrespectful. Women often message me to say that a certain woman is copying my Priestess texts and even pictures and that it confuses them. It is confusing for me too but most of all it is painful.

And that is because there is more to the story than just ordinary copycat behavior.

I developed Polarity Play, a dance of polarity between masculine and feminine. It was a Tantric Dance 2.0 version.I did not own any rights to Tantric Dance, my ex had the rights. And after a super painful divorce, he thought he had all the right to place the woman, who he was already in a relationship with during our relationship, in my place. This looked like an easy replacement. And also looked if it could work. But Tantric Dance was my creation, it took it’s shape in a retreat around 2010. It was from my soul that this took shape. Now I hear from people that the soul has left Tantric Dance and that especially women feel there is a lack of safety in the dance. It was never my intention that it spiraled out of integrity and I feel partially responsible.

I was too sick. I was too weak. After the cheating, the birth of our 2nd child, the divorce, I spiraled into a pit of postpartum depression, leaky gut, a burn out of all my organs and brain function, and I could barely stand upright for 5 years. I had no strength to express my boundaries or stand firm for my needs. I did not even have the strength to be angry, I was just surviving taking care of me and my children without any support.

The most Wonderfull news is that in 2019 my health came back. I cried tears of joy just to bring my children to school by bicycle! What sickness brought to me is humbleness. And I have no energy for drama. I just want peace in my life.

I feel I now finally HAVE to speak up. That it is not a choice anymore to keep silent. Oh a part of me wants to crawl under my blankets and wait till ‘it’ goes away. But this copy cat never seems to stop. It is crossing a huge boundary, it is not okay and I cannot look away anymore.

So please Elfriede and PLEASE Rakesh, I ask for respect and acknowledgment. A part of me is flattered to see that I am still a huge inspiration for you guys.

But the biggest part of me needs some respect for the deep pain that is still lingering my heart, for everything that I had created with my heart and soul; Tantric Dance, Art of Loving, our relationship, our family… that I was forced to let go. I ask from you to stay out of my business to not let this wound get ripped open again every time you ‘copy’ my work. It is super sensitive and it needs care to heal.

Thank you