Codes of Conduct

These trainings invite you into a process of transformation. From old paradigm to the new paradigm. If you meet resistance during the training it is an invitation to dive deeper and open a new doorway. Next to your personal process, there is also a deep brotherhood/sisterhood that will benefit from your support and transparency.

It is in each participant’s personal responsibility to inform the trainer of her health (physical and mental) status, and/or use of medication. At all times the participant is responsible for her own mental, emotional and physical condition.

If you commit to your inner proces- the trainers are there to support you to blossom into your full potential. You are invited to share at all times your journey through voice-app.

We value privacy, confidentiality and discretion. Therefore it is asked of you that all that is happening in the workshop will stay between the participants of that module. Of course you can share your personal experience to outsiders, but please no names or meditation practices. We hope to contribute to the safety and respect of each participant.

In the trainings there will be men and women who are there to serve the polarity play. To respect the safety of those who are serving we do not allow any contact outside the training. Please do not search on Facebook for each other. Everything shared stays within the group

School of Shakti has no refund policy. There is a possibility to pay in terms. If the participant decides to leave the group, in stead of a refund,  there is a possibility to participate in a coaching or body-work session.