Awakening Shakti, is a Sensual Awakening that brings you the basics of the law of polarity and law of attractions of your feminine sexuality. Shakti as a supporting system in your life. Your primal energy is your sexual energy. If this energy is free, you are free.

Within every woman lives a powerful force. A force of passionate creativity, raw lovemaking and deep wisdom of the womb. A woman connected to her womb easily taps into her uncompromised joy and pleasure. She is free from the opinions of others, free from the submissive roles that are projected upon her by porn and social media. This woman is the most powerful force on the planet, and therefore skilfully oppressed through the structures of society. The wild, free and authentic sensual woman is an endangered species. When there is no space for the feminine to flower open into safe surrender and ecstasy, both the male and female body and spirit will become fatigue, closed and burned-out.

In this training, the first module of the Temple Priestess year training, we will concentrate on the element of Earth, connected to the first chakra in your body. We will work with the body on grounding, confidence, boundaries, trust, feeling safe, sexual desires, realism, fierceness, embodiment, releasing shame and guilt into sensual freedom. 

This training gives you an opportunity to deal with sexual trauma, trauma responses, blockages and insecurities. You will learn to free blocked energy and move it through your body. Releasing fear, insecurity, feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt around sexuality. So you can open up to your birth right of being orgasmic. How to contain this wild and raw sexual energy and take responsibility for this powerful life force. The connection to the wisdom of your beautiful body, womb and yoni is essential. Are you ready to reclaim your right to be a sensual and sexual being?


The essential information for all women who participate in School of Shakti trainings and retreats. The fundamentals of your Sensual Essence and how to awaken your life force. This training will provide you with the basic tools how to tap in deeper into your body’s wisdom.

* Set your intention, what are you longing for? a deeper connection to your sensual freedom?
* Activate your pelvic floor with belly-dance exercises
* Connect to your yoni with squeeze and release practice
* Open the body with Self Pleasure
* How to let go of body shame
* Learn about the Tantric View
* Influence of P0rn and (social) media
* Trauma in the body and how to heal

 -one year available
-every week two video’s with hands-on practice
available HERE!


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