3. The Priestess

We will be out in nature to release our wild nature during this retreat. To embody the Priestess is nessecary to teach and serve. In School of Shakti we work with Priestesses in a modern world.

WHY Through Shakti Tantra and Sacred Belly Dance we claim back our connection with sexuality and spirituality. Owning your sensuality and designing your love life in a way that you can create, flow and feel supported by the Divine Feminine. This Module is created for women who (want to) work with sexual energy for the purpose of healing and empowering women. We will look at our shadow-side. Our Dark Goddess hidden within us. Transform darkness (additions, lust, etc) into conscious light. Bring your work to the next level. Where you learn how to give initiations to other women. Rituals creating magic in Love Making. Here you will come home to the Sacred Feminine and prepare your body how to handle Shakti Energy.

HOW: You will learn the ways of the Sacres Prostitute. Learn about the Mahavidyas with Kali as it’s Queen. You will interact with the masculine in this Stage through tantric meditations with tantric men. You are invited to welcome your own feminine sexual energy as a the valuable source of life-force, creativity, sensuality and bliss. You are encouraged to lovingly face your own shadows, for they are precious guides with meaningful messages.

Meer Tantric Feminine Secrets worden uit de doeken gedaan, geheimen uit de tradities van de Indiase Devadasi’s, Tempel Godinnen die hun sensualiteit, lichaam en geest ter beschikking stelde aan de Godin/Shakti. Via dans, yoga, meditatie, bodywork, kunst en meer. Het verhogen van je seksuele frequentie en je partner meenemen in deze verhoogde staat van bewustzijn.

RECIEVE: Learn to let the Divine ‘work through you’. Open to concsiousness as the Divine Feminine. Play with boundaries and explore sexuality. Open the body and let the Divine shine through. Owning our sexuality and design your love life that creates flow and synchronicity. Be supported by the Divine Feminine. Transform your shadow side into light and a light for others. Transform sex into prayer. Benefit from Tantric Techniques like the ‘cirle of light’. You can host Sacred Gatherings. Practice your Priestess skills for the benefit of all beings. Healing the planet through balancing feminine and masculine energies.

Ontdek de kracht van receptiviteit en overgave in plaats van wilskracht. Leer te vertrouwen op je vrouwelijke wijsheid. Je gaat leren hoe je de geheimen van het vrouwenlichaam en de geheimen van de Divine Feminine kunt overbrengen aan mannen. Via deze training leer je hoe je van een man een Divine Lover maakt, hoe je van een man een Worshipper of the Divine Feminine maakt.

In the last day of the retreat you will learn how to deal with the masculine through meditations with tantric men. You will be able to create safety through awareness and learn how to play with your commanding force of love and sexuality within your own boundaries.

REQUIRED: Pre Teacher Training


The Priestess
19-20-21 juli in Smalhoorn, Orvelte, het Oosten van het land.
€344,-voor 1 juni, erna: €399,-

Bij overmaking van het bedrag naar M Sanders NL46INGB0751456446, is je deelname bevestigd. Wil je een factuur, dan graag vooraf melden. Er is een maximum aantal deelneemsters van 16