3. The Priestess

Through Shakti Tantra and Sacred Bodywork like Belly Dance and Yoga we claim back our connection with sexuality and spirituality. Owning your sensuality and designing your love life in a way that you can create, flow and feel supported by the Divine Feminine.

This Module is created for women who (want to) work with sexual energy for the purpose of healing and empowering women.

You will learn the ways of the Sacred Prostitute. You are invited to welcome your own feminine sexual energy as a the valuable source of life-force, creativity, sensuality and bliss. You are encouraged to lovingly face your own shadows, for they are precious guides with meaningful messages.

If you have a Feminine Essence and you feel the longing to experience your body as a Sacred temple of the Divine Feminine, you will feel right at home in this retreat.

You will learn practices on how to contain and let Shakti Energy flow through you for the purpose of healing. You are incarnated in this feminine body. Do you feel it’s energetic potential? The longing to connect to a ‘higher purpose’ or a ‘higher intelligence’? The path of the Priestess might be the path for you.

In this retreat you will practice Shakti Tantra as an Art form. It is time to awaken your magnetic power, allowing vulnerability, authenticity, grounding, owning your sensuality and to see it as a powerful healing source of life energy.

In the afternoons and evenings you will practice all your Shakti skills on men who are there to serve us, in order to serve them.
During this retreat there will be no verbal contact with these men and no contact outside of the practice. All practices will be held Sacred.

We live in a time where there is a lot of confusion on love making and intimacy. We get our education on love-making though the adult section on the internet. A lot of addiction and problems can occur. It is time for an inner awakening and understanding of Feminine- and Masculine way of intimacy. By understanding the polarities can be restored. Time for the Feminine principle to be our guide.

A Priestess is a woman who has courage to be authentic and true to her purpose, living from a longing to serve through her body, mind and spirit.
The Priestess lives her life in alignment with her calling.
She is free from seeking approval. She is not here to please anyone. She is in service of the Divine Feminine or Shakti.
She initiates men and women into the new paradigm, and out of the old paradigm of collective feminine,- and masculine pain bodies. She initiates men into the mysteries of the feminine body and the energetic potential of love making into a heightened state of consciousness.
Her mission is to bring a higher frequency, empowerment and consciousness to this world and embody the incarnation of Shakti.

RECIEVE: Learn to let the Divine ‘work through you’. Open to concsiousness as the Divine Feminine. Play with boundaries and explore sexuality. Open the body and let the Divine shine through. Owning our sexuality and design your love life that creates flow and synchronicity. Be supported by the Divine Feminine. Transform your shadow side into light and a light for others. Practice your Priestess skills for the benefit of all beings. Healing the planet through balancing feminine and masculine energies.

REQUIRED:School of Shakti Trainings

DATA: The Priestess
19-20-21 juli in Smalhoorn, Orvelte, het Oosten van het land.
€344,-voor 1 juni, erna: €399,-
Tijden: vrijdag 19 juli 16.00 uur tm zondag 21 juli 16.00 uur

Bij overmaking van het bedrag naar M Sanders NL46INGB0751456446, is je deelname bevestigd. Wil je een factuur, dan graag vooraf melden. Er is een maximum aantal deelneemsters van 16