2 Temple Goddess, light

The Teacher Training continues…

WHY: Surrendering to the power of Shakti, to life itself, to embracing all aspects of life we become one with the Creation. Throuhg Shakti Tantra we will claim back our connection with sexuality and spirituality. Your body will be in service of the Divine Feminine. You are a servant to the Goddess and a creation of Her.

HOW: This intense training will improve your skills to deliver your life’s purpose through Shakti Energy. Learn how to work with men and women to give initiations. You will receive Kali energy initations. Get mystified by The Arts of Sacred Lovemaking. Prepare the body to enter Shakti energy and open yourself sexually as the Divine. You will know the secrets of Devadasi- en Dakini temple practises.

THE ELEMENT LIGHT: Corresponds with the third eye chacra, Ajna chacra. You will connect to you ‘inner guru’ and need no authority from the outside world. Your inner- and outer world will become congruent. There is no shadow- or light side. It is all the samen coin, just different sides. Duality becomes more clear, hence unity and oneness.

Hoe je lichaam te openen voor Divine Feminine presence. Leer over de mannelijke energie, de polariteiten. Hoe je een man in zijn mannelijke energie kunt verankeren. Leer over de (energetische) anatomie van de lingam in theorie en praktijk en over de mannelijke seksuele beleving. Leer te vertrouwen op de uitwerking in je werk van de Divine Feminine Energy.

– How to host Sacred Gatherings
– Personal Practise to open up to sexual and spiritual wisdom.
– You’ll also practice to recognize the difference between intuition, fear, conditioning and thereby raising your level of empathy.
– As feeling into the other as yourself, is essential to be able to serve the other
– How to Self Connect and connect to your limits and communicate them to create connection
– How to create altars and prepare a sacred space.
– How to create and facilitate Temples of Love
– How to bring sexual energy for rising up the frequency
– How to deal with emotional processes

REQUIRED: Pre Teacher Training

In the last weekend you will learn how to deal with the masculine through meditations with tantric men. You will be able to create safety through awareness and learn how to play with your commanding force of love and sexuality within your own boundaries.

Je ‘herprogrammeert’ het lichaam met compassie, liefdevolle, orgastische sensaties.

DATA: Embodying the Temple Goddess, light element drieluik
1 en 2 juni, 22 en 23 juni, 6 en 7 juli
11.00-17.00 uur, Studio Zena, Borneokade 68, Amsterdam Oost
Vroegboekkorting €466,- voor 1 mei 2019, erna €488,-

Bij overmaking van het bedrag naar M Sanders NL46INGB0751456446, is je deelname bevestigd. Wil je een factuur, dan graag vooraf melden. Er is een maximum aantal deelneemsters van 16