Temple Priestess 2020

If you have a Feminine Essence and you feel the longing to experience your body as a Sacred temple of the Divine Feminine, you will feel right at home in this retreat. In this retreat you will practice Shakti Tantra as an Art form. It is time to awaken your magnetic power, allowing vulnerability, authenticity, grounding, owning your sensuality and to see it as a powerful healing source of life energy.

Strange times are happening where we are forced into quarantine. All the lightworkers in the world are meditating on a healthy planet, with healthy caring loving people. The Priestess Tribes are gathering to raise the frequencies of our immune systems.

You will learn practices on how to contain and let Shakti Energy flow through you for the purpose of healing. You are incarnated in this feminine body. Do you feel it’s energetic potential? The longing to connect to a ‘higher purpose’ or a ‘higher intelligence’? The path of the Priestess might be the path for you.

During these days you will practice all your Shakti skills on men who are there to serve us, in order for us to serve them to open to the Divine.
During this retreat there will be no verbal contact with these men and no contact outside of the practice. All practices will be held Sacred.

We live in a time where there is a lot of confusion on love making and intimacy. We get our education on love-making though the adult section on the internet. A lot of addiction and problems can occur. It is time for an inner awakening and understanding of Feminine- and Masculine way of intimacy. By understanding the polarities can be restored. Time for the Feminine principle to be our guide.

A Priestess is a woman who has courage to be authentic and true to her purpose, living from a longing to serve through her body, mind and spirit. The Priestess lives her life in alignment with her calling. She is free from seeking approval. She is not here to please anyone. She is in service of the Divine Feminine or Shakti. She initiates men and women into the new paradigm, and out of the old paradigm of collective feminine,- and masculine pain bodies. She initiates men into the mysteries of the feminine body and the energetic potential of love making into a heightened state of consciousness.
Her mission is to bring a higher frequency, empowerment and consciousness to this world and embody the incarnation of Shakti.

What I need from you is 100% participation. As it is an ‘advanced’ group. This will keep the dynamic of the group- energy high and we can transform a lot. This means taking responsibility of your own projections, ’desperation- and rejection stories. Meaning that you are able to look, care and ask for your own needs. Kali energy runs a lot through me in these Priestess trainings, so that can be fierce at some times, know that this is never personal but it’s like a knife cutting away what is obstruction you towards your (3rd stage) feminine strength. The world needs 3rd stage feminine now more than ever. That is what we are going for. Know that I am always available if you are facing darkness in your way. We are transforming all into light.

Priestess Retreat May 15 until May 17
-In beautiful Venwoude, (Tormentil and Wederik),Vuurse Steeg 1, Lage Vuursche

-Friday May 15 at 10.00 until Sunday 16.00 (maximum of 18 womenInvestment: if you book before March 31 €498,- after April 1st: €545,-. Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee/snacks and 2 nights sleeping in the mediation space.

If you want a private room:
-1 person room in total €100,- extra
-2 person room in total €80,- extra
– your own tent in total €33,- extra
– extra bedlinnen €12,- extra

We love to welcome you Friday at the Piramide of Venwoude where you can have tea and a snack. Lunch is in the Villa, where beautiful biological food is being prepared for us from local farmers. Please let us know if you have a special diet.  We sleep in the meditation room. If you would like the privacy of your own room you can book a room at Venwoude. Please take your own bedlinnen

if you feel the longing to explore your masculine essence and like to be at service to women to witness them grow into their fullest potential as a sensual, powerful, vulnerable, radiant being on this planet, I would like to invite you to the Priestess retreat to behold this unfolding. It is also an initiation for you to go next level masculine, to stand firm, to be steady, to be ever-present, to no more pleasing! To embrace your first stage warrior Masculine from dark to light, to embrace your Second Stage masculine but most of all to evoke your 3rd stage; to look at a women in whatever state she is, and look through her form to see the Divine Feminine where she can meet you in your Divine Masculine.

The men come from Saturday May 16 10.00 until Sunday May 17 16.00 (maximum of 6 men). Investment: €299,- Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee/snacks and 2 nights sleeping in the mediation space.(You are welcome to stay a night earlier at Venwoude and book a room via Venwoude)

If you want a private room:
-1 person room in total €50,- extra
-2 person room in total €40,- extra
– your own tent in total €16,50 extra
– extra bedlinnen €12,- extra

Mike was present in the Priestess Retreat 2019 and wrote this:
“Ik ben een andere man. Ik zal nooit meer hetzelfde naar vrouwen kijken. Ik begrijp nu veel beter wat presence is en wat het betekent om man te zijn. Ik had er een verwrongen beeld van. Nu weet ik dat vrouwen mij willen zien in al mijn zijn, emoties, flaws en onzekerheden, zolang ik maar present ben. Het was ongelooflijk helend om mezelf zo kwetsbaar te laten zien en door Shakti volledig ontvangen te worden.

Ik was zoekende naar purpose. Een nieuw purpose van me is om de Shiva te zijn die beeldschone Shakti’s, zoals jij ze opleidt, helemaal kan ontvangen. Ik wil een betere man zijn. Zodra ik dit voelde, had dezelfde dag een van de vrouwen mij alweer naar een hoger niveau getild. Nu wil ik meer, verder.

Diep respect voor wat je met de ladies hebt gedaan. Wat ze in mij lost wist te maken, was ongelooflijk. Ik had high hopes, en die zijn nog ver overtroffen. Woorden schieten me te kort.

Ik heb al veel gedaan in zelfontwikkeling. Ik ben bij een paar van de grootste influencers in de wereld geweest, bijvoorbeeld Tony Robbins. Maar wat ik met het retreat heb meegemaakt… Dat heb ik nergens anders en de resultaten zijn echt van wereldniveau. Het is een van de beste ervaringen van mijn leven geweest.
Ik ben je mega dankbaar voor je vertrouwen. En met alle liefde, plezier en toewijding kom ik graag weer.”


In stage 3, the energy of a woman has increased enormously. She can use her energy to raise the frequency of sexual energy. Move energy in her own and her partner’s body.
The woman offers her heightened consciousness in this state in service of the divine with the potential of opening men and women into their alignment and therefor full potential. The man offers in service of the divine his depth of consciousness, integrity, perseverance and stability, as an expression of his desire to penetrate the world with truth. When a person expresses him- or herself through a third stage moment, their intention is to be in and of service. Sometimes, their service won’t be appreciated. A person in a third stage moment has transcended the need to be validated by external or internal factors.

In intimate relationships, the feminine third stage is expressed as pure life energy, bursting with love, expressed as wild storms or warm summer breezes. She is an oracle, a pure expression of the feminine, of nature Herself.